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  1. Reasons for me to buy an electric car. The roof panel is advanced solar, capable of charging the car within 8 hours of daylight while the car is being used. 600 mile range. Lithium not mined by little children and slave labor.. Batteries that can be recharged at home with standard 110v within 4 hours. Batteries are 100% recyclable Batteries that I can remove in my garage. Batteries available at O Reilly's.. Easily replaced sensors and motors. At least 20 years of life expectancy. . Brakes that work electrically and without brake dust. Car can't be tracked without my knowledge and approval. Take a cross country trip without planning for charging stations. Ability to drive my car anywhere/anytime in North America without fear of being of being stuck someplace I don't want to be or fear of the village idiots. Chain saw holder…. Ed… Interesting fact… Our Montes qualify on all of the above items or it isn't required … The electric car doesn't meet any of those needs or expectations…
  2. I agree Rob, They have a place,, but the market should determine that. So far ,that doesn't seem to be the case. (Another discussion for another time) I personally have no need for a full electric car… I also thought I'd never have a need for an electric chain saw,, but with the advent of brushless motors they seem to have a place. They are now smaller and fit well under the seat of my Monte. 🤣 In fact, I just ordered another one for Angels Buick … Regarding Hybrids, I kinda like them … Especially the new ES400 Lexus in dark red … I'm just not interested in the price. Ed. BTW,,, They work great at car shows to keep people from touching your car… 😀
  3. I have an electric chain saw and I like it.
  4. Valve guides … possibly caused by poor rocker Geometry. How many miles on the engine ? Does it have roller rockers ?
  5. EVC


    Congrats Ron … Looks like you've made some great choices in life. 63 Years for us now. Dec 60 53 years with the Monte. May 70.
  6. Very nice car Danny… Ed.
  7. Alan, The tiny imperfection shown on the lower image (inside the bung) doesn't appear to be in the same location as the leak shown on the upper. Are they the same ? Perhaps it's just the camera angle.
  8. Yep. The water found it. Congrats Alan, easy fix. Happy the water didn't find it somewhere else like an aluminum head. Did you remove the back plate from the pump ? just curious.
  9. Not my intent to step on anyones toes. In answer to welding. I don't weld anything that could break again and leave me stranded in the desert with my wife and family. Why do I hear Banjo music from Deliverance ? Anyone want to weld my new Edlebrock Carburator on while I'm here ? 🤣
  10. Alan, To answer your original question ,,,, Yes, I've seen it. It appears that others have different opinions. I hope it's a simple water pump failure, but the larger question is "Why" ? I sent your photos to a man (and friend ) who serviced and repaired radiators for almost 50 years. We spoke last night and the first thing he said was "internal cavitation". He also said it could be caused by many reasons and one of those was like I described earlier. He also had some opinions on certain water pumps being more proned to cavitation. short vs long pumps, impellers cast vs metal stamped, aluminum vs cast iron housings. He did say that a lot was going on in that very small area of that particular pump and didn't think aluminum was the best option. He also said that stamped impellers were more prone to cavitation problems and that the stock cast impellers actually ran cooler. A poorly designed water pump can create its own cavitation problem so, I'm hoping a new pump will solve your problem. He also said that welding this was an "idiotic" approach…. The choice is yours to simply replace. Regardless of other opinions, it's your car … My major concern is to not give you bad advise that could manifest itself somewhere else in your engine or aluminum heads. Anyone who tells you that internal cavitation isn't a problem in engine failure is dead wrong…. Unfortunately, a lot of the old school people like my friend have retired or passed on. Ed.
  11. This may help… I've seen this happen and it was actually traced back to very tiny leak in the head gasket that was almost undetectable.
  12. Again , I'd back pressure and clean the system before changing the pump. If you have any doubts about what I'm saying I'll gladly explain it. My Email address is shown on my profile page or you can PM me here. I suspect this problem could be caused by Cavitation.
  13. Possibly a simple case of internal cavitation. Defective casting. I'd back pressure the water system and make sure it's clear before installing a new pump. This could be the sign of air getting into the system also.
  14. Also, make sure the hinges are not worn out or sloppy.
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