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  1. EVC

    Memorial Day

    no words required…
  2. I won't drive my classics without dual mirrors… I put them on my Bonneville 35 years ago … My Monte got her first pair about 50 years ago…
  3. Looks great…. It should have been a factory option from the beginning…
  4. In a field of its own.
  5. I use Lucas in my older cars, but Valvoline with zinc or Driven are great oils as well… I'd use Zinc oil in my Yukon it it didn't have a catalytic convertor… Not a fan of Synthetic…. Personal preference, but I wouldn't use a zinc additive to a regular oil…
  6. It used to keep my beer cool,,, so I figured it would keep my radiator cool too.. 🙂
  7. BTW,,, The radiator hose shield was an option in 1970…
  8. Steve, The small hose is plumbed directly to the drivers side port on my Edlebrock carb… as shown below…. I eliminated the PCV tee on my car because of the AC and valve covers… It was too crowded in that area, so I put my pcv on the passenger side valve cover.(see center port on the carb) …. If you look closely,, the canister center line is routed below my radiator hose and now circles back behind the carb directly to a tee put in the manifold….. You can see a red cap I placed in the hose as a port for the timing vacuum checks, and carb adjustment. The big line on the Canister goes to the fuel tank expansion / vapor line… This was the way I was advised to hook it up and it seems to work … Sometimes it's frustrating getting three different opinions from three mechanics….. Hope this helps… Ed.
  9. When far from home, I know she'll bring me home…. Never failed….
  10. Frank, Here is a pic of my back up temp gauge hook up… I used a thermostat housing that has the bung… Normally the Edlebrocks intake is too close to the hose and rubs …. The tip of the sensor clears the thermostat, but you have to turn it to insure clearance. Before hooking up the big hose you can clearly see and check the clearance….I'm using a mechanical mini gauge here and a standard mechanical gauge in the passenger side position… Like I said, this gage under normal operation is about 10 to 20 degrees higher than the stock side…. I'm using a 180 thermostat and on a really hot day, my Monte will reach 200 to 210 degrees , but seldom ever gets over 195… Wiith good oil 10/40 w/zinc she'll cruise all day at 75 to 80 with the RPM @ 2400 or below. … The 700r4 gives me the mileage I want. I'm sure your 200r4 will do the same… As an added bonus , The two gages by activating at different times let's me know that the thermostat is working…. Ed
  11. EVC

    Temp sender

    I found this thermostat housing works well for an additional port for a gauge or sensor….. The one in the intake is too close to the hose...
  12. Frank , In my years of heavy towing, I found that tranny temps are usually a few degrees plus or minus of the water temp except when pulling long grades. Temp sensors mounted in the tranny pan were cooler than those mounted on the output from the torque convertors to the cooler. Temps coming off the torque convertors are what I used… They'll scare the hell of you…. More important to me were the exhaust temps and that was relative to each engine.. I found the happy spot and drove to keep that number…. My old 472 Cadillacs and 389 Pontiacs ran with higher exhaust temps than a 350 Chevy. I'm sure a 454 runs hotter exhaust temps as well…. You can run a Cummins all day on exhaust temps of 11 to 12 hundred but my Ford ran with lower temps. Same with the turbo boost… much higher on the Cummins than the Ford… When on the road, something I always noticed were those determined to pass like it was a road race to the top. I'd always drop a gear and back off on the uphill and lock up on the down grade….. Towing with the MonteCarlo for me has never been a problem.. A real water temp gauge has always served me well … In fact, I have one on the intake manifold as well … It typically shows a 10 to 20 higher temp than the one in the stock position …
  13. It's good that we have groups to advocate for our beliefs. More to the point that may benefit some members,,, Do they offer health insurance to supplement Medicare,,, If so, is it expensive ? I've often wondered how they may compare with other supplemental insurance companies like Humana and others that advertise heavily…. Are you a member of the NRA as well ?
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