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  1. Put her back in the garage after driving her on a 700 mile round trip….. Took Hank , his little sister and wife.
  2. Sammy, I used up my stock of the 10/30 version, but changed to the 10/40 as well… Great stuff. Not to brag , but I'm proud to say I have over 400,000 miles of seat time behind the wheel of the 1970 Monte Carlo and I can feel and hear the difference that various oils make. BTW, Hank has 10,000 mile of Monte time and agrees. Ed C.
  3. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    Hank and I managed some alone time with the Monte today. Went to town and had the new Tiger Paws , 215/70s, mounted and balanced. Five tires for $80.
  4. Great oil. There are many good oils, but I use Lucas and their additives for all of my stuff including lawn mowers… Valvoline and Amsoil are probably as good, but I'm a believer in Lucas products…
  5. Finally got the axle codes… CKD 0206B2…. According to the tech info here , It looks like the old girl has a 273 gear ratio.
  6. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    Mike. Over the years we have owned 3 Westies, and four Scotties. Great dogs !!!!! Some very interesting times and stories for another time. The old Monte was part of their lives too… Hank and Molly are the new backseat dogs now.. Scotties and Westies were our family favorites for many years. Events covering 62 years, with some really great dogs, leaves a lot of memories … Scotties, Westies and MonteCarlos have been a big part of our lives… It's great to be retired with some good dogs and our Monte... Ed
  7. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    Hank fell like a rock …
  8. I heard that Holley may stop making the carbs and go Fuel injection only. Also heard that Edlebrock will copy the Holly carbs and make them even better…. Ed ….
  9. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    For the record , Hank has a new baby sister… Her name is Molly,,, 4 mos. old … She is the back seat dog and loves to travel in the Monte Carlo. She is Hank's Nemesis….. Ed C.
  10. EVC

    Feels good

    Thank you too, Steve,,, You made her day that you remembered…. Ed.
  11. EVC

    Feels good

    Same car , same Lady…. I love them both. Thanks for the memories, and yes !!!!!! , She is still the coolest lady on earth…. We still drive the Monte as a daily. This weekend we're driving the Monte on a 700 mile road trip to Diamond lake Oregon… Awesome car , Awesome wife. Both have a few upgrades, but still have the original engine… LOL ,,,,, She remembers the 72 Monte. The Monte and Malibu were her true loves. She often drove a 1973 yellow Cadillac brougham, white 63 Bonneville or a Jeep. BTW… Below the flag, and down in the Valley, is Pleasant Valley School.. We could see the school from our deck and hear the school bell every morning…. She was the Librarian from 1979 thru about 98.
  12. Thanks Rob, I didn't notice that… Mine has the hole from the clock stem as well… I managed to find a small rubber grommet that fits perfectly. Keeps the dust out .… I'd wager that if this car were stock it would have the factory gage package…. Ed
  13. My tach is after market and looks exactly like this cars tach.... I wanted to put it on the left but that would have required major surgery on the gage circuit panel … That was above my skill levels, so I put it in the old clock position …
  14. The tach is on the right hand side.. Is that factory ?
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