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  1. I understand that the location changes. Thank you Aaron . I was hoping to hear about the event, the wine cruise, and awards. Many of us vicariously enjoy the events thru those who are lucky enough to attend… Thank you again for organizing such a wonderful event at the Medford Show.. BTW… I drove my Bonneville to a Logan Utah show about 15/20 years ago… Good call on Logan Utah. Ed
  2. What happened to the meet in Medford? Hank and I enjoyed it….. Did I miss something ? Asking for a friend… Ed c.
  3. Iowa has been prone to major flood disasters during the past thirty years. Looks like this car could be a flood victim car. Scott county had it's share.. Probably why the car has a salvage title…
  4. I'll be changing mine out too…. I found some double springs on Amazon last night , but will go to a local store to make sure of the size… Dorman has a nice collection. Ed
  5. Thanks for the update Tom... Ed
  6. I'll be deleting my account… Thank you for your help. 


  7. PEOPLE …. ? Thanks for the insight Tom …
  8. David From the photo , the geometry may be wrong for the arm on the carb… Edlebrock may have a throttle arm kit that you can order. The Edlebrock arm, like I have on mine is the proper geometry for my 700r4… I think it's ordered transmission specific… Ed..
  9. David On second look at that kick down cable (green).. It looks broken to me. This is a big part of the problem or part of it now and may account for the reason it wouldn't shift back ... Ed
  10. David.. here is my set up with Edlebrock and a 700r4 tranny.. Looks like that spring is your problem.. Your kick down cable looks broken too. Ed.
  11. That mystery cable is your tranny throttle position cable. (Kick down cable) Your spring looks like it's definitely hanging up .. I placed my spring on the front. I'll send another pic to show how it's hooked up …. I'm hoping someone else can help you on the TPS cable,,, but it looks out of adjustment or broken from your photo. Ed
  12. I agree with Dennis… This spring on mine was reversed during some routine maintenance and was periodically hanging up on the idle adjustment screw to the left. Naturally it wasn't his fault,,, so I took it back and showed him. I simply flipped the spring over and problem solved …. Hope your problem is as simple as that. Ed c.
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