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  1. I was having the same problem and resize all pics. No problems now.
  2. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    Taking a lady called "Alice" for a beer on the Gulf.
  3. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    Oil Museum in Kilgore Tex. Great place to stop and spend the day…. … Beautiful full life size walk around displays and presentations..
  4. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    Lost in time…. Somewhere in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona or New Mexico. Route 66…
  5. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    She's spent a few nights there and I'm glad she doesn't talk … LOL
  6. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    One of my favorite stops in Arizona. Haven't been there in a few years. … Hackberry AZ.
  7. Country living gives me the space to spread my toys….
  8. More pics of my barn yard … Man cave is the barn to the left. Note the original hubcap for my 63 Bonny.. Even the tow chains have a place in the theme … entrance to my shop is under the deck .. The old orange water pump flows water.. Old goat cart was actually used by my kids back in the late 70's .
  9. Aaron... I'm a big fan of automotive wall art. My wife won't let me bring it in the house, so I'm restricted to my shop, garage, barn yard and mancave. My garage is rather eclectic and covers many years of collecting and hoarding things I've used during our 62 years of marriage.. In my collection are some of the original license plates for my Monte from Louisiana, Guam,Japan, Arizona and California. I also have some beer collectables, bicycle, ,motorcycle, route 66, hunting and other themes. Everything in my collection has a real life story…. A grill would look good on top of your bumper. I have a couple of them Ed
  10. Politics in any private club or private organization destroys the moral of those who aren't a part of the inner circle…. The problem is you can't explain that to the self appointed inner circle… Ed C.
  11. This is the type of battery I used it test my new tail lights…. Ed C.
  12. For a start, You might consider disconnecting the tail lights and use a small 9 volt battery to test the LED lights. If you have the lights most of us purchased it will test the lights and do no harm… My instructions warned "Don't use 12 volts to do this test " .. I tested my lights with the 9 volt battery before installation. I was able to determine if both brake/flasher and running lights worked…. Like Mark said, "They are polar sensitive". In fact, this may be the problem… Ed C. IMG_2278.MOV Ed
  13. Ron…. Very nice pics… Would love to have been there.. Ed
  14. Thank you. That was back in the day when I was 29 years old and a kid like me could actually afford to buy a new car and have a family. Paying $ 50 thousand plus for new car today makes no sense. Having to lease one makes even less sense…. Ed C.
  15. I understand that the location changes. Thank you Aaron . I was hoping to hear about the event, the wine cruise, and awards. Many of us vicariously enjoy the events thru those who are lucky enough to attend… Thank you again for organizing such a wonderful event at the Medford Show.. BTW… I drove my Bonneville to a Logan Utah show about 15/20 years ago… Good call on Logan Utah. Ed
  16. What happened to the meet in Medford? Hank and I enjoyed it….. Did I miss something ? Asking for a friend… Ed c.
  17. I'll be changing mine out too…. I found some double springs on Amazon last night , but will go to a local store to make sure of the size… Dorman has a nice collection. Ed
  18. Thanks for the update Tom... Ed
  19. I'll be deleting my account… Thank you for your help. 


  20. PEOPLE …. ? Thanks for the insight Tom …
  21. David From the photo , the geometry may be wrong for the arm on the carb… Edlebrock may have a throttle arm kit that you can order. The Edlebrock arm, like I have on mine is the proper geometry for my 700r4… I think it's ordered transmission specific… Ed..
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