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  1. Hello Dan do you have any more of your CN air cleaner decals left
    Sure could use one Thanks


  2. Looking good, that interior is going to pop
  3. Car is looking good Jared What does one use to polish the plastic on the gauge cluster?
  4. Dennis, I looked up an older post of your build sheet and in box 18 'ED' is in there. Not sure what 'BH' on your sheet indicates or 'L8' on the carb though.
  5. Update, was able to get the air cleaner installed last night with an updated label along with a new pcv and hose.
  6. I used Speakerworks, they did a great job as far as I can tell http://www.speakerworkstulsa.com/
  7. Here is a pic before I took it off
  8. Thanks for info and I didn't even notice there were tips on them
  9. Nice photo, is the red one an SS since it has resonators on the exhaust or did the 402 have them also?
  10. Thanks everyone and as you can see I will have some extras.
  11. Fortunately I was able to acquire an original SS air cleaner recently from Jared (thanks!) and in the process of restoring it I was able to remove the original 'CN' decal off of it fairly easy. After some research I was not able to locate this decal anywhere so I decided to try and duplicate it. I scanned the image into the computer and, pixel by pixel, cleaned up the image to my satisfaction I then acquired some waterproof labels and printed them out via a laser color printer. From here using a straight edge and a razor blade I cut them out and they are shown below. As you can see there
  12. Was able to get the car out and get it cleaned up along with my father in-laws 72. Thanks again Dennis!
  13. Very nice car, I believe this one was just on ebay within the last month down in Oklahoma.
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