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  1. I not long ago had the privilege of meeting Steve and 2 of his Beautiful SS Montes at his shop (traded some Cragars for Rallys) Man definitely knows The First Gens! Shop is defiinitly something I could only dream of! Gave me some good advice on my 71 and helped me source some needed parts. Thanks again Steve! Great member
  2. Thanks everyone 750 or bigger seems to be the average on other forums as well
  3. what size carb should I get (cfm) I have a Edelbrock 600 cfm new in box will this work or is it too small? Thanks Engine has a small crane cam but rest is mostly stock except for intake please help
  4. Ok thank you, its actually orange not yellow, but its definitely a fused link, guess ill put one in see what happens....lol
  5. Ok guys one last electrical question and I will have this all sorted out, I have 2 wires on left side of firewall looking from front of engine one is red the other is yellow, both have fuse links one the red one has a fuse the yellow one doesn't what do these go to? I have not put a fuse in the yellow one as I do not know what it goes to and if it were removed prior to my purchase for a reason. I do know I can't get my AC to power on although everything seems to be in good order, holding pressure, compressor not locked up and all wires seem to be in place also has been converted to R134 could the Yellow wire be to the AC or am I way off here? Thanks
  6. That helps a whole bunch....Thanks a lot
  7. cut the end of the firewall plugs? can you explain this?
  8. Wanting to install a 3 gauge set on my 71 in place of the dummy lights, questions are is there anywhere besides by the distributor to put the oil pressure line? Also how about the Temp gauge? Is there anywhere on the intake to install it, I have had others that went right by the water neck but my factory sending unit is by the 1 and 3 spark plugs, and last is there an easier way besides drilling a hole in the firewall to fit the lines? Thanks as always guys
  9. Yeah that is very nice, Def gonna try that! I will get pics as soon as I'm done, Thanks
  10. Ok fellas need some help, I have two wires one solid green the other green with white going from firewall to about the windshield washer bottle, they both are attached to a L shaped conecter I can't find anywhere this hooks up, too short to reach anything up around headlights! Help please
  11. only when its running, when I press the throttle it gets brighter
  12. Thanks I will give that a try.
  13. Ok I am sure this has come up before. So I was at a local car show the other day and came across a very nice 71 SS or so I thought, turns out it was a clone and the owner was very proud to point it out as one. Thing is he had what I thought was the top hockey sticks and trim piece to go along with it which my reply to him was boy I bet those set you back a bit and he said not really.....to make a long story short he said what he did was take the long bottom trim and just flipped it over and it screwed right in, to the untrained eye it seemed to work, the hockey sticks however weren't so cut and dry. He told me he just purchased the bottom hockey sticks that are reproduced from OPGI and others, trimed the screw tabs off and used glue to hold them in place!!!!! They were a little shorter but I have to say at 20 foot it passed as an SS. Anyone else tried this? Just curious.
  14. Terbronco7

    1971 Grille

    I have a very nice original grille, my question is what has any of the members done to restore the paint on theres? Is the slats suppose to be all one color? Or is there suppose to be a thin chrome line in the slats? I have seen so many different configurations I am confused
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