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  1. Bill

    New from New Mexico

    Rob- I live between Fort Sumner and Santa Rosa. It isn't the prettiest part of the state but I like it. Good grass, good water and more cows than people.
  2. Bill

    New from New Mexico

    Joe- Great idea but I have no VIN, or even pictures. I let all documents, shop manuals etc. go with it including the case of 8-track tapes to go in the factory AM/8-track.
  3. Thanks Dennis. I found 3 listings for Robert Van Buskirk. The one you mentioned and another that lived in Dallas, Irving and Colleyville look promising. I'll try giving them a call.
  4. Sold my 71 SS to a guy named Van Buskirk not sure if that was first and last or only last name. Placer Gold with sandlewood interior. Well optioned car. Would like to try and find it. If I can't locate it I'd like to find a comparable replacement. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  5. No pictures. Sold my 1971 SS in 1995 or 1996 in Grapevine, TX. when I moved to a ranch in New Mexico. Wish I could find it or at least a comparable replacement.
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