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  1. 19Monte70

    Body Trim

    I can't get the bolts to break on first fender. Only this and rocker panel trim to put on. Arghhhh I might have to put it on hold until funds come for body shop to put on.
  2. 19Monte70

    Body Trim

    Thanks I will keep you posted appreciate all the help.
  3. 19Monte70

    Body Trim

    I have everything on but front fenders. When they painted it they painted over mounting holes. I also don't see a way to reach the bolts to put nuts on. Do I have to remove fenders or fender wells? I wonder how much a body shop would charge just to put them on. I am pushing my limits as it is with my back injury ugh I hate this. It sucks not being able to do things anymore.
  4. Looking for door lock pawl for both doors and clip that holds trunk lock in.
  5. 19Monte70

    Body Trim

    Thank you I can totally visualize it now. The fenders I believe they painted over the holes so that might be a challenge figuring out where. I believe might be some filler in the fenders too so that could be it.
  6. 19Monte70

    Body Trim

    I am still so lost I have the dynacorn trim hardware kit. No instructions whatsoever. Kit is m1504. I have the front fenderand rear quarters trim mounted by both bumpers. It's the door and rear of front fender and beginning of quarters I cannot figure out.
  7. 19Monte70

    Body Trim

    Thanks everyone for your help. I do have the 10 piece trim that's what I am installing. I was surprised no instructions with it. I do need to order that sill piece and plate for inside as money allows. Good thing is The Parts Place is only 45 minutes away. My buddy who works for Auto Meter not far from them said you can walk in and buy parts saves on shipping. He got Herman running like a top last night. He's now ALIVE........ I call it herman as it reminds me of Herman Munster...
  8. 19Monte70

    Body Trim

    Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner, I know where pieces go but not how they attach or how the supplied parts work. I have both fenders both quarters just not the lower chrome below door. Those diagrams and pictures help Thank you.
  9. 19Monte70

    Body Trim

    Anyone have a diagram for trim. My Monte it was all off for repaint. The previous owner never put it back on. I know this sounds like I am stupid but I suffered a injury that affects my ability to just figure things out without detailed instructions. Used to be I could generally look at something and say yep it goes like this . I miss that as it's frustrating to have to rely on others for help. I understand the frustration of someone who has learning disabilities it's no fun. Thanks
  10. If okay to ask, what about just bucket conversion. I will be using a hurst floor shifter no center console. I want to use some buckets from a 70s olds/Pontiac. Do I sit them in and Mark them them weld in supports for holes?
  11. My tranny only has a plug where the connector goes on the side. I see there are two kinds 1 and 2 prong. Any ideas which I need? Thank you
  12. I looked at that one but my socket has extra wires coming out so I passed it up. Can I still use that one? Thank you for the info.
  13. Anyone where I could find a replacement to splice in until I can afford to rewire the whole car? Thank you
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