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  1. In my first Monte ('72) I did stock upper lower control arms with a full P-S-T Polygraphite rebuild. That was in the late 90's early 2000's. Kept the springs and updated the shocks. Rode and turned like new. Friend did the work on the weekend for a $100 bucks and case of beer. Kept the car for about year after the upgrade and did not have any squeaking. In my current '70, just went with tubular upper & lower with coil overs. Haven't worked out the bugs yet, but am impressed with ride and handling. Since I replaced everything, I didn't have to have bushings pressed in/out. Did it myself without a lift in a little over 3 days (4 days if you include the fuel sending unit swap). Have to get the rear updated next. It's a never ending flow of $$... LOL! So I'm with the others, keep the springs if they are working for you and update the rest.
  2. Would we be better off reserving a small venue and catering? There would be up front costs, but it may be easier. Not from the PA area, but have to imagine there is a small hall nearby. Just a thought. Looking forward to attending and taking part in the event.
  3. Welcome Tim! Fellow Michigander here too. Looking forward to seeing some pics when you tackle the interior.
  4. Wow... That's quite the undertaking. Good luck in the resto!
  5. Nice car. Stance looks good too. Cant wait to see it with some new shoes too.
  6. Great Post. Welcome to the club and look fwd to seeing the pics and stories of progress!
  7. Quick update, Had the front seal and bushing replaced. Trans guy said the rest of the trans looked in good shape and clean. Now I need some good weather and no salt on the Michigan roads for a few laps around town. =] Still contemplating the OD swap.
  8. Krobb2000

    Meet Maxine

    Welcome and nice find. Enjoy the ride!
  9. Thanks @MC1of80! I should get it done so I can enjoy it a little prior to the Michigan winter that's soon to come. =]
  10. Only Pics I have for now. Trans puked on me (forum post in Driveline)... so first off I am contemplating 2004R or 700R4 swap. Otherwise its front end is a little wore and shocks all around are required. Hope to do an Aftermarket AC install this winter. I could list all kinds of wants to go along with it, but the checkbook will rule how much and when. =]
  11. Hey Guys Former '72 owner and now just purchased a base '70. Love the entire Monte line up from '70 to modern (although some are better than others ). Big thanks to Bob Wiemels for getting me set up and into the site. Joined FGMCC back in late 90's and let it lapse after I sold the car. Glad to be back in the club. -Kelly
  12. Well... I'm in a little predicament. Bought my Monte and was able to drive it a few weeks and then trans fluid starts puking out. My wife said she can follow my trail all the way up the driveway to our house. =] The leak is coming from between the engine block and the trans. My assumption is it is a seal or a pump or who knows. Fluid starts pouring out as soon as the car starts up, doesn't need to be in gear. So my predicament is do I repair the TH350 or just jump into the overdrive world. I know OD would make it nicer on the freeway. Anyway, what's the consensus on swapping? 200 4R or 700 R4? the 200 looks easier to swap but costs a few more bucks? I'm sure there is a thread somewhere in the archives that details the swap, but if any of my fellow FGMCC have some advice or links, I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance!
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