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  1. I've had a steel Mastertow 18' trailer for a pretty long time (maybe close to 20 years) and it has been great. A winch is certainly a good addition. I'd lean towards a steel trailer but that is just personal preference. Good luck!
  2. It looks like a pretty good deal. I would have paid $350 to use it on my car. If you need the section that meets the tail panel it's a great buy.
  3. The 72 Chevelle drum brake setup will be the same as the Monte.
  4. Yeah, a breather on one side and a PCV on the other.
  5. A PCV valve is the way to go if your valve covers have good baffles.
  6. A competent machinist could likely repair that shaft for you. It's worth looking into!
  7. I'd just drill it out and install a new cylinder. At leastyou will have the key!
  8. You can find those on McmasterCarr. Just search for isolation mounts. I bought some from them for the AC condenser though I didn't end up using them.
  9. Looks great! It's a nice feeling when it starts to look like a car again!
  10. I converted a first gen camaro to floor shift and ended up cutting the column sleeve to remove the boss for the shifter stick. After it was filled and smoothed it looked like a factory floor shift column.
  11. I think the cutlass upper quarters give it a finished look. I like it.
  12. Ebay is a good source for new in box Delco Remy battery cables if you wanted original looking cables. I ended up finding one that was a replacement for my car. The other one I bought was too long but I was able to remove the terminal, shorten the cable, and reinstall the terminal.
  13. If you have a way to brake a strip of sheet metal at a crisp 90 degrees you can make those sections yourself. If you need to repair the channel that runs the length of the windshield a shrinker/stretcher will help provide the correct shape.
  14. If the panel under the deck filler is decent I'd clean it up and section the replacement panel to fit in there. If you are going to need to replace one or both quarter panels than I'd remove and replace it completely. Kevin's got the right idea, though!
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