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  1. Nice looking project! That old mountain dew can is pretty cool too!
  2. I've been checking my local Walmart for that Hotwheels Monte but have not seen it yet.
  3. I've used Sierra brand in the past and it worked just fine.
  4. Definitely keep it. It looks like its in very nice shape..
  5. Those are fairly heavy gauge steel so you should be able to clean yours up and reuse them. I ended up removing mine and blasted them and then welded them back in place on top of the new section of floor. AZChev is a good guy so if you guy from him you will get good service!
  6. I think that is just called the under seat panel. I replaced the one on my car and I used a Dynacorn panel. Google GMK4032511681S. Thats the Goodmark part number so you see what it looks like.
  7. Good video! I watched the one showing where you trimmed also. I'm about to put a roof skin on mine in the upcoming weeks so this helps! Thanks!
  8. The rain gutter/drip rail (part with the molding on it) is spot welded to that panel and it should be flush up against that piece. The quarter panel fits into that that rail Aside from maybe a smear of seam sealer there is nothing that should fill that entire area. It looks like it probably rotted and began to separate. I've attached a picture of what that area looks like without the quarter installed.
  9. I like the look of the vinyl top but I would not put one back on after replacing that metal. My vote is for no vinyl top!
  10. I have a real rust bucket and those came apart pretty easily using an adjustable wrench to hold them.
  11. Rancid87

    Dana 60 swap

    C-clip eliminator kits are generally bolt on items. Converting to something like a Ford 9" housing end requires welding and is probably the better way to go.
  12. That is really neat and it looks like a great way to access the underside of the car. Nice job!
  13. He probably used a brake switch that has two sets of contacts. One for the brake lights and the other would go to the tcc.
  14. If it doesn't have the port to the left of the servo you may just need to drill and tap it yourself if the case has the boss. As an alternate, you could drill and tap the servo cover.
  15. My personal opinion from the pictures is the car is repairable. I'm unsure what your agreed upon value is with the insurance company but worst case they total it, you buy it back, retain the clean title, and repair it. Any idea when the appraiser is coming out?
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