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  1. if you are not going to use it I may think about reworking your tail panel slightly to remove any overhang the trunk lid has. Having said that, I don't think it would look weird if you kept the tail molding but deleted the side moldings. You can use some masking tape to hold the molding on to see how it looks.
  2. Looks nice! Will you be putting the 72 molding on the back or are you deleting it?
  3. Looks good! I'd get that truck lined up and latched close to how you will want it just to make sure it all works. It looks very nice though. Good job!
  4. You are on the right path. One patch at a time! I'd recommend upgrading to some solid mig wire with shielding gas if you can. It will make welding some of that thin sheet metal a little easier. Should be pretty cool with the LS motor in it!
  5. Put the taillight extensions on if you can and close the trunk lid. Looking great!
  6. I've made the weather stripping gutters before using a shrinker/stretcher. They turned out nice but sometimes it makes more sense to just buy it if its available. Keep up the good work!
  7. I had a lot of rust repair to do so it was worth it to me to find a good panel because it was one less thing I had to fix. I had actually started replacing the bottom flange when I saw the panel listed on ebay and bought it. My original plan was just to fix it with a bunch of patch panels though and then section a Chevelle tail panel for the weather strip area. It's a tricky panel to make because there is a lot going on and its long. I'd probably break it down into several pieces to make it more digestible. What gauge steel are you using?
  8. I ended up buying a good used tail panel from AZchevs on Ebay. Mine was about as bad as yours(maybe a little worse or better in some areas). I used a 70 or 71 panel because that is what I could find but I have been able to make it work on my 72.
  9. Looking good! I have been working on control arms, spindles, calipers, and all the small items i can take apart and refurbish. Would like to get the frame cleaned up and painted this month but weather hasn't been that cooperative on the days I have off.
  10. I should have told you about the discount after I bought the fuel lines! Lesson learned! I set an alert on their site to notify me next time they are available.
  11. I placed an order for brake lines and wanted the fuel lines but the 3/8 fuel line is out of stock now! I ended up buying trans cooler lines instead!
  12. If you buy before the end of the year they are 25% off at Inline so now would be the time to buy them! I am looking to buy brake and fuel lines also.
  13. If you didn't tighten the distributor hold down enough the distributor could have moved. I'd get it running again and adjust the timing.
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