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  1. hello grant, i put in 2" taller springs and made the arm longer with a threaded rod and tie rod ends. you should get the adjustment you need. joseph
  2. joseph kehrer

    level valve

    sendo, contact last ss in the forum. he might have what you are looking for. joseph
  3. joseph kehrer

    level valve

    the fittings you found are for connecting the air lines to the fittings on the valve assy.
  4. joseph kehrer

    level valve

    hello sendo, if you do a search under load leveling valve there should be pictures of what you are looking for. yellow, intake port red, t fitting lift port purple, exhaust port 3/8 24 threads. o ring under all fittings into the body. joseph.
  5. raymond ,do you know what color or options you are looking for ? i was thinking of putting my 1970 ss up for sale next spring. thanks joseph.
  6. hello fgmcc members, i went to a car show today and saw a 1971 root beer colored ss . i looked at the badges and in the interior i saw a 4 speed transmission. the owner was not around. i came back later to find her by the car. i asked if she knew about the ss. she said her father ordered it new in 1971 ps, pb, ac, rear defog, tach & guages for bbc, correct badging , buckets and 4 speed counsil, rear boxed in arms and sway bar all original. she said her father rebuilt the engine non stock oil pan ,open air cleaner . it had the load leveler compressor . i asked if she had the build sheet she thought it was in her fathers paperwork. she said it was original with some extra nos parts. i tried to read the engine vin # behind the alternator i could not make out the vin #s. does anyone know how this could have came to existance ? thanks joseph.
  7. hello michael, if you go to local car shows or a auto body supply business you should get some info. it is hard to find quality work and fair prices. good luck and check out the shops work before you take your car in. joseph
  8. sendo there is a member in the club who rebuilds them. i cant recall who. if you do a search on the site for load leveling compressors you might find it. joseph.
  9. dan the sticker did turn out well and the story behind it too. that was the finishing touch. your car should be complete now.
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