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  1. Thank you for subscribing gentlemen! I am hoping to get another video up of me taking out the windshield soon. I appreciate the compliments Jeff!
  2. Spot on Willie! How it all started was me getting under the car with a flash light. After I looked at everything including bushings and all I was disgusted. That's what happens when you have OCD and are a perfectionist! It's a disease! 🤣
  3. WOW! Looks amazing Dennis. That vinyl top really pops! What are those plastic things that go under the bumper on the back of the rear quarter panels?
  4. I'm interested in two as well as soon as Dennis puts his stamp of approval on them. LOL
  5. So that's where they go! LOL Well I think I only have two of those..
  6. Man that's a sweet looking car! I'm drooling..
  7. Hey Dan I am definitely interested. I'll be reaching out to you in a week or so.
  8. Thanks for the info (I was considering aluminum). Here's my current situation. My transmission was recently rebuilt and they reused my original pan (still haven't put the fluid in). Since the original pan has some dings on it I ordered a new pan not even thinking about the depth and bolted it on. When I completed the job I noticed that the new pan now has dents on it due to it being too shallow.. So I what I'm looking for now is a new direct replacement of the original.
  9. So I ordered a GM TH400 oil trans pan and discovered that it is too shallow.... Does GM or anybody make a factory pan for a 70's TH400 (2" deep)?
  10. Does anybody have a part number for the correct size power steering hose? Notice the top hose is too shot. These after market parts are killing me.....
  11. Sweet ride! Lets' see under the hood. Oh and welcome!
  12. I'll be running a Holley Sniper on my current build. I wanted an easy start up and not have to worry about adjusting my carb when the weather changes.
  13. I'm so happy for you Dennis. Exciting times!
  14. Has anybody ever tried spaying bed liner material under the vinyl top area to prevent rust? Just curious if that would work.
  15. Who makes the best factory reproduction stickers? Valve cover, air cleaner, door jamb, trunk, etc?
  16. Dennis you are my hero. My wife would have crucified me by now. 🤣
  17. Thank you Tom! I was thinking possibly a Camaro part but you know how GM was with all of their interchangeable parts. LOL
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