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  1. While welding in the new windshield chanel I melted out some of the factory lead from this corner. I was thinking of filling it with kwiksteel and sanding before I epoxy the car (hopefully this weekend! I started in november.) anyone had this issue? What are your recommendations to fill? The second picture is the base of the quarter window on the sail panel. It was cracked, so I had to remove the filler there to weld it up. What would you use there?
  2. @Canuck I saw this site while searching last night. I'll grab what I need from them. I picked up a deck filler panel from AMD today.. they are only a 20 minute diversion from my route home. Anyone making A-body roof patches? I don't want to buy the whole roof!
  3. I picked up this ‘72 last week with rot under the top. I got it with the grinder last night to see how bad it really is... I’m gonna need some metal! I can’t find anyone making roof patch panels, so I’m going to treat it and fill it with kitty hair. Definitely replacing the filler panel and sails. Other than that, it needs a front seat recover and a headliner. Motor is strong. It has newer vortec heads, but I haven’t dug into what else has been done motor-wise. No rust on the bottom. Very little surface rust in the trunk. All in all a great car, once I get the roof rot handled. This car has been at the top of my list for many years, so I’m planning on keeping it. I’m looking forward to learning from and sharing knowledge with y’all! I’ve also got a ‘57 Chevy pickup project going.. but that will probably be sold when it’s done.
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