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  1. Paul, The front brake rotors are the standard dia. drilled and slotted. I upgraded to Wilwood two piston calipers. For the rear I used the Inline Tube disc brake kit. The kit was easy to install. As to the performance you'll have to wait awhile as the body is still on the rotisserie.
  2. Hi Guys and gals' Could someone post some close up pics of the quarter panel trim on the car? I am repairing the lip on the quarter panel of my 70. Is a portion of the opening exposed below the wheel arch trim and the rear lower side trim? Thanks, Bob
  3. Thanks Paul, The Monte had one (valve) at the rear of the frame one the driver side. The car had front disc brakes from the factory. I didn't think that it would be needed. Thanks again, Bob
  4. Hi, All I'm doing a 4 wheel disc brake conversion on my 70 Monte Carlo and have a question. Do I need to use a front and rear hold-off valves? I know that I need a proportioning valve,. Right now I'm just running the brake lines on the chassis as the body is off of the frame. Is there anything else I'm missing? Bob
  5. third times a charm! Bob IMG_0446.CR2 IMG_0455.CR2 IMG_0454.CR2 IMG_0453.CR2 IMG_0452.CR2 IMG_0451.CR2 IMG_0450.CR2 IMG_0449.CR2 IMG_0448.CR2 IMG_0447.CR2 IMG_0445.CR2
  6. I hope this works IMG_0452 IMG_0439 IMG_0440 IMG_0453 IMG_0441 IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IIMG_0450 IMG_0450
  7. Come on guys, thoughts, ideas, criticism, something. Bob
  8. Adding some pics IMG_0438.CR2 IMG_0439.CR2 IMG_0440.CR2 IMG_0441.CR2 IMG_0442.CR2 IMG_0443.CR2 IMG_0444.CR2 IMG_0445.CR2 IMG_0446.CR2 IMG_0447.CR2 IMG_0448.CR2 IMG_0449.CR2 IMG_0450.CR2 IMG_0451.CR2
  9. Hi guys and gals, I am building a transmission cross member after installing a Hellwig frame FX kit. I have the engine and trans sitting in place with a 3 degree down angle. What I need to know is if I need to off set right or left or do I center the trans. As it sits right now there is a 1/2" offset. What do I need to do? Thanks, Bob
  10. Thanks Paul, I have this drawing ,But was looking for something with ALL the dimensions for the body mount holes. Some of the holes are quite a bit oversize to get good dimensions. Bob
  11. Hi, Does anyone know where I can find the frame dimensions for a 70 monte? I am installing a Hellwig frame FX kit. Some of the holes for the body mounts are rusted out and need repaired. I had some washers cut out on a water jet at work. The holes are so far gone that I can't get a good location. Bob
  12. Great idea. Would you be willing to share the dimensions? Bob
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