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  1. sorry paul not trying to be a jerk just didn't want to see the car like that. with directional tires if run them reversed wet/sno traction is increased but they wear out quite a bit sooner
  2. hi paul nice car great pics on lift. not trying to pick a brothers car apart but it looks drag radials on backwards kind of an ocd problem I have. getting car ready for Syracuse nationals looks like hot humid and rain possible leftover from barry beating up louisiana
  3. sorry so long to reply. made it home no problems. six hrs each way five tanks of gas 4/11 gears. hope to be there next year. I think maybe a trailer next time. glad to meet people after seeing them on line. see you at Syracuse nationals.
  4. definetly be at nationals. just got my room for Carlisle. thanks for the call ck. joined the club couple years ago after talking to steve cny first gen 71
  5. waiting for snow/salt to go away. hurrying to get upgrades done
  6. bob 71

    dash housing

    thanks to kevin and rob for clearing this up. now I can order parts. this is a great club hope to see people at carlisle
  7. can anyone say the difference between ss dash and idiot light dash other than gauges. I was told ss dash housing is different and my instrument cluster wont fit
  8. sorry to change topic. could anyone explain the difference between the stock/factory dash and omgi replacement ss dash. what do I have to change as far as guage cluster as my car has idiot lights. car has separate autometer gauges added on. if its easier call 315 633 5293
  9. try looking up small block chevy heads on the internet
  10. I have been having trouble also. thought it was because i'm a cave man still writing on the walls with animal blood and berries
  11. thanks for the diagrams paul . saves me a ton .thank you
  12. 2 year member . i'll try to send pics not so good with computer . give a shout to the long island guys I met at texas roadhouse during Syracuse nationals
  13. looking for vac diagram for heat ac 71 monte or where can I find one
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