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  1. One thing we like is get a trailer long enough that you can move the car forwards and backwards to get the load over the wheels for good hitch weight. this means don't get a trailer just the size of the car and you can not move the car to fix the car over the wheels fr good hitch weight. it is a bear to have to heavy or light, hitch weight to go home on. Also a longer trailer from hitch to wheels always pulls good for us... we have a 1979 C30 crew cab with 454 warmed up just a little, with 4;10 gears, which works good. 96 suburban K1500 with 5.7 and 3.73 gears and this works good, I like it a lot for driving and power. also a 99 suburban C1500 5.7 with 3.42 gears and 15 inch tires. and the same,like it for driving and power. the boys have suburbans and pickups half tons and newer with 5.3 and gears of 3.73 or 3.42 and they like there good. one has K3500 pick up with 6.0 and it has power but gas mileage is down. but we also ways load his truck heavier because it is a one ton????? one thing you cant change. more weight less gas mileage. no matter what truck you have. thank you stano
  2. live 24 hour camera of eagles nest. In Iowa. https://whotv.com/2018/03/05/decorah-eagle-nest-cam-stream-12m-1/
  3. this guy should have a trailer hitch. Like the one on the lexus.
  4. Buffalo at Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park at 8;34 central time. can only see on one of the cameras, the camera with real time. don't know for how long? https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/photosmultimedia/webcams.htm thank you stano
  5. I am not familiar with assembly manuals 1970 and up. but the older assembly manuals have engineer notes at the bottom of the page and with the note the part number of the part being noted. is there a note for part #10 in the assembly manual at the bottom of the page and initialed by an engineer? I tried to find if change of part #10 showed up in parts catalog some how and when.. to see if part changed in 1971.. looked part in parts illustration catalog thru 1975 models,,REVISED april 1983,, showed part #10 (if I have right one) called BAR ASM, frt fdr tie in group 1.267 looked parts catalog Pass,Nova,Chevelle,Camaro,MonteCarlo, (for 1970 only) REVISED 6-1-70,,showed part #10 in group 1.267 has a part number of 70 Monte Carlo BAR ASSY front fender tie P/N 3955032. Remember this book is only for the year 1970. looked in parts catalog Models Thru 1975 Effective April 1982 . . . In group 1.267 -- shows 71-72 Monte Carlo BAR ASSY front fender tie P/N 6261996. (1970 was not listed for some reason.) looked in Parts History Jan. 1, 1965 thru Jan. 1, 1973 (Is a book of part number changes and the date they changed or were removed.) Looked up part #3955032 (From 1970) and #3955032 was not listed. So it was not removed or changed to another part number. looked in Parts History Jan. 1, 1965 thru Jan. 1, 1973 -- Looked up part #6261996 which is the 71-72 fender tie part number. #6261996 use 3982406 12-71. So what this shows is that part #6261996 was changed to #3982406 in date of 12-71 (December of 1971). Looking these part numbers up doesn't mean it actually happened. It just gives an idea of what Chevrolet was doing and put in print. I will have to try to find an assembly manual somewhere to help verify. Hope this makes sense and help someone. Many times it only raises more questions. Thank you, stano
  6. Am I correct that front fenders from 1971 and 1972 are the same? If 1970 is different than 71 - 72, where are the changes made? thank you stano
  7. I believe harden seats did not come in the heads until 1973 for Chevrolet engines.. So I would guess that none of the first gen Monte Carlo has factory harden seats in the heads. Could we have comments on what people are doing with their heads as far as harden seats in heads? Leave the heads alone. -- put in harden seats (ALL) -- put in harden seats on (exhaust only) -- change to a later head that has harden seats. If changed head that has factory harden seats, what casting did you use?? Don't have harden seats and use additive in gas? what ever you did, have you had any problems with valves? any mileage on, not harden seats heads, and any mileage on any fix you may have done. to heads for harden seats? We welcome any comment but we are asking for a regular highway driving car. thank you stano
  8. Can anyone tell us what the differences are in 1972 175HP (350), Quadrajet carburators for Non A.I.R. and the California A.I.R. they have two separate carb numbers of 7042202 for non A.I.R, and I think 7042902 for the California A.I.R.. Are the differences of settings and maybe jets or are the castings different. Can a California A.I.R. carburetor be set up with rebuild kit as the same specs as the Non A.I.R. carburetor if we wanted to delete all A.I.R. set up and use the California A,I.R carb for the non smog set up.. thank you stano
  9. I know its not Monte Carlo but some might like it. I think it is really neat.. http://whotv.com/2019/01/17/iowa-artist-builds-a-dodge-charger-from-matchsticks/?utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_content=5c4188bc3ed3f00001d8a374&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook thank you stano
  10. stano

    test strato seat

  11. the assembly manual may help. Is there a manual online we can see? for 70 or 71 or 72 monte carlo? it may show up in the engineer notes at the bottom of the page??? thank you stano
  12. Our son in law has a picture of the 1972 monte carlo. It has a cowl tag date of 02E (Feb fifth week) From the picture the speed cable adaptor seems to be two inches across. So I guess this THM350 also has buick parts
  13. This is a link to a live 24 hour webcam of old faithful at yellow stone park, year round. even if the park is closed during winter. the page has many other cameras that renew its photo shot, I think every minute of other locations. sometimes you can catch wild life. today there was about 80 people at old faithful. it is kind of a neat thing.. thank you stano https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/photosmultimedia/webcams.htm
  14. On a side note not transmission related. If I remember right there was in 1968 chevelles. there was Buick patterned interior from skylark put in 68 chevelles for two months????? I also think it was on the upgrade interiors not standard interiors. after two months they went back to Chevelle interiors?????? thank you stano
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