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  1. I'm going with my buddy Doug, won't be taking the Monte this year though. Rooms booked for Thurs the 14th, leaving Sunday the 17th.
  2. GM didn't put TH350s behind the big blocks for a reason...
  3. Thanks Aaron. It seems to have happened overnight (weeks ago). I posted pictures in my build thread, one day, next day I started getting errors. Nothing had changed with my camera settings, but resizing the pics allowed them to load. Some pics were the same or smaller sized than prior ones that loaded fine.
  4. You may need to resize the pics smaller, something is up with the forum lately....
  5. Yes. I've had to open the pictures in 'Paint' and resize them 50% to get them to load. Naturally, you could use any photo editing program to do the same thing, but it was easy for me to use that one. I haven't tried using a smaller resolution setting on the camera yet, but would rather the originals to be a better quality anyways, so probably won't do that anyways (maybe as a test though, just to see what the limits are).
  6. Thanks, We made it back safe.
  7. Like that pinocchio motivational speaker commercial, lol
  8. Somewhere on the side details, it said salvage title. Odd, for a "1" owner car. It's rough, at any rate...
  9. You must have been speaking to Dennis, specifically 🤣
  10. Bet your a** if you forget that box, you'll need them though. I'm even packing a GM Tech II, and SnapOn scan tool to be safe.
  11. I do the same, two sets plus a bunch of tools, wheel bearing grease, rubber gloves, etc to install them.
  12. Hey Roger, check the PM's, I got rough shipping quotes from USPS, Fedex & UPS. Thanks!
  13. Thanks Steve, we're not happy you won't be there either.
  14. You asked if they belong to anybody. It doesn't appear they do so far.
  15. Here's what I have currently. Wednesday evening thru Thursday morning doesn't look too good.
  16. Separate rooms, I may just need a 'hand', 😁
  17. I may need a little help shaving the back side though Dennis, I'll get with you at Carlisle.
  18. I'll have to make sure I shave 'everywhere' then, if that's what we're doing for entertainment....
  19. Don't do that, bring them next year when you come to the mini-meet at Carlisle.
  20. As I mentioned in the other post Rob, I found an old Speedo and won't leave you hanging (well, that was an unfortunate choice of words, 🤣). Now I need to eat more cheeseburgers and bags of potato chips to get ready...
  21. Good, glad it was quiet for you. That means no drama & you're safe. Plus you got some O.T. out of it, hopefully. On a side note, turns out I do have a Speedo suit from years ago. Rob has asked me to bring it so he isn't all alone. How could I deny a 'Presidential' request? Get ready to poke your eyes out people...
  22. I was afraid to open the link based on the title....thought it may be a selfie of you in a SPEEDO...🤢 🤣😣
  23. That started last week it appears. Pics that always loaded before won't go now. I have had to open the pics in 'Paint', resize them 50%, save them & then load to the forum. Something must have changed with the forum size limit recently?
  24. Lol, great idea Dennis, put speedo in the same class as [censored], [censored] and [censored] !
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