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  1. Snow on the ground here from the weekend, plus a road full of salt. yuk.
  2. LOL, I know, you pretty much had the same luck I do.
  3. My Monte did me dry.....multiple times. I still walk funny.
  4. Orgaz-Monte-rectorial? Where your Monte keeps sticking it up your butt.
  5. You're welcome! I went on the same search of my shop at the time I was re-assembling my car. Probably wasted an hour and a half, to the point I was searching online for another one. That's when I realized I better search a little harder, those things are hard to find out there.
  6. You may need this type of parking brake switch. It bolts to the top and actuates with the end of the ratchet mechanism. I see the holes on the top rail of your bracket that also suggests this is where the switch mounts. Not easy to find. There's a NOS one on ebay right now, $169. Look here, maybe a couple more options: https://www.google.com/search?q=1972+chevelle+park+brake+switch&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwicheCA87z0AhUWgHIEHSb0A4MQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=1972+chevelle+park+brake+switch&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQDFAAWABgAGgAcAB4AIABAIgBAJIBAJgBAKoBC2d3cy13aXotaW1n&sclient=img&ei=_mykYZyOBZaAytMPpuiPmAg&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS888US888 https://www.chicagomusclecarparts.com/products/706472
  7. It looks too....stock. Needs headers, or a blower! J/K, looks fantastic!
  8. I can absolutely relate. I hated my Monte near the end (well maybe like the middle, to the end). The fun came when we met up with everyone at Carlisle. I'm pretty early in the Z/28 project, and already hate it...again.
  9. Looks perfect, good job!
  10. Just a reminder, if you're a veteran, you'll get the 10% off all year, plus I think free shipping is included too.
  11. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thanks Mark. I'm pretty sure the subframe will be coming off to get repainted, and probably the bottom side of the floor pans. The firewall section still looks good, as well as most of the sheetmetal of the engine compartment/front clip. I'm not planning to take that apart, it's lined up too good to take it all apart. Plus, the RS hideaway lights are a real joy to get lined up and shimmed so they look good, I don't even want to go there. I may do a little touchup work in there, but that'll be all.
  12. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    The neighbor got a new chair delivered Saturday, asked if I wanted the old one. Looks like they claimed it already. They still like the old one though.
  13. May sound stupid, but if it worked before you replaced the hoses & now it doesn't, I'd retrace my steps and make sure it's all hooked up correctly.
  14. Same to you & the rest of the forum family! I'm actually not working this thanksgiving, maybe the first time in a decade.
  15. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    More parts are falling off the car. It's gonna get worse, before it gets better.
  16. Glad I didn't take you up on your dinner offer, lol (J/K, I'd be there if you asked for help)
  17. That's fantastic, can't beat that!
  18. No, they look good. We like pictures.
  19. It still may need a little paint work because the black part was painted to center with the upper molding. Lowering the top molding to the correct position will have the black paint line too high, not centered. I'm figuring the painter can probably correct it (patch the holes if absolutely necessary), and confine the paint work to below the lower body line. A little back mask, blend and good to go.
  20. I'm in the shop, AND watching TV.
  21. Quit screwing around....get to it!
  22. That's why I wanted some pictures
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