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  1. How much to buy a label from you?
  2. Where does this label attach? mine is missing. photo? thanks mike
  3. mmccammon

    Radiator advice

    Would like a one stop shop purchase for new radiator, hoses, clamps .. everything.. to replace in my 1970 454 SS. advice please thanks mike
  4. Just sent you an email via the forum mail
  5. For what it’s worth.. here’s the nada data:
  6. Hello M Wesson, im the guy who first found and posted this car. seriously considered it.. “jimmy “ the sales guy I dealt with.. always seemed nice but never got me what I asked for.. the details of the cars history were promised but never delivered. I never saw the car in person so you are beyond where I got. supposedly they had contact with former owner but never would get back to me. the car started out asking over $30 k(32 I think).... im new here but I don’t think you will find a big block car in as good a shape as this one ( in spite of its faults) for tremendously less money than they are currently asking. they dropped the price ALOT from where they started . i also don’t think they paid 10 to 15 k.. I think they have more into it than that.. I may be wrong.. but it’s my gut feeling based on my conversations with them and a whole lotta looking at sales figures on these cars.... if you like it.. go for it.. make an offer.. if they dont go for it you can negotiate up. very few cars are going to turn out to be as good as they sounded in the ad and pictures... I’ve learned that the hard way. good luck mike
  7. Thanks..!, thats exactly the issue.. its stuck..I don’t want to damage the trim lifting it off the pillar ill be bolder mike
  8. I’m sure I’m being a weeny.. but i removed the two screws holding the pillars along side front window. how do I remove the pillar to paint them? mike
  9. Having hard time finding this. the ac part referenced at local parts store pulls a substitute that’s too small. saw another option on eBay help! i replaced switch.. runs fine plugged into old melted connector but want to replace connector. ( why do these melt?... I have seen this mentioned in a few places) thanks mike
  10. TThanks Rob, i have stereo and I got it with just the dashpad. old switch was slightly melted. new one doesn’t seem to get hot not sure why?. mike
  11. My blower switch is hard to slide and fan won’t turn on. i have a new switch.. what is best way to access to replace.. can see it with dashboard pad off but hard to get at thanks mike
  12. Rob thanks ! its had one repaint.. with original color...code 55 (champagne gold). the lighting may make it look darker
  13. Thanks Thomas! you may be right! just looked.. if I’m understanding this and observing correctly.. several wires may be off 7 looks like it’s going to 6 or 8. if this diagram is correct would you suggest I move wires as shown?
  14. I am posting photos of my recently acquired 70 SS on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being the inability to tell the difference between a lawnmower engine and a car engine I’m maybe a 3-4! the car is in great shape structurally with 42 k documented miles. sounds great at idle but... running rough on acceleration with a bit of backfire/misfire...I know the list can be long and I’ve got a mechanic looking it over this week. id appreciate any general comments about the engine bay.. ( I know the auto level compressor is gone). also not sure what’s supposed to be attached to carb where I marked black lines Thanks mike
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