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  1. I remember when I first changed the intake and hand cranked it took TDC. I had a hard time starting it. Once I did get it statred, it wasn't for long. So, of course I made sure It was on the compression stroke and I stopped it at 12 BTDC and it started. When I tried retarded the timing to get it close to 6 BTDC it would stall. It was sitting for a week or two after the new intake, maybe the carb was acting up. I'm going to repeat the process and drop it in at TDC and see what happens. I appreciate the help!
  2. New some help good people. The specs for my monte has the timing at 6 degrees BTDC. I drop the distributor at 12 degrees BTDC after a new intake I got it started but I had to advance the distributor even more to keep it from stalling, now it's turned, which seems to me too far counter clock wise. I'm going to get it back to TDC. Now should I drop the Distributor at 12 degrees BTDC and adjust the rotor to compensate the 12 degrees or should I still point it at the number one spark plug. Or another thing. Should I just use 6 degrees BTDC and drop the dizzy and point number one at the 1st cylinder? Thanks
  3. Good day, Good people! I recently made my first classic car purchase. I've been looking for one of these for a while now and finally found one in decent shape in my area. To be honest I'm not a mechanic, but I am mechanically incline. I plan on doing a lot of work myself so I definitely will, if you don't mind of course, be asking for help with this one. I appreciate the quick approval into the club. I'm looking forward to the comradery and wealth of knowledge, pictures and stories related to this passion of ours.
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