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  1. Does Anybody else. Have problems signing in I have to go threw change my password to get in every time also just got renew notice but never received decal or first news letter any help thanks Chuck 70
  2. Chucks 70


    Hi Guys Does Anyone Have Or Know We’re I Can Find Factory InSpection Markings And Color Of Them Just Started Frame Up Restoration Thanks Chucks70
  3. Hi Tom Guess You Have The Same Luck As Me I Keep Sending Requires And Sent Proof And haven’t Had Any Luck Either Best Of Luck
  4. Chucks 70


    Here’s Some Photos of My Monte Carlo Apartley someone who owned it was in the club before the sticker is in the rear window
  5. Chucks 70

    New be

    Hi Just Joined 2nd Time Owner Of 1970 Monte the first one was my very first car
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