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  1. After much troubleshooting I finally discovered it was the rear brake hydraulic hose that was clogged. So thrilled to be done with that!
  2. Thanks I’ll give that a try.
  3. Trying to figure out why my rear drum brakes won’t bleed. I replaced the shoes, wheel cylinders, adjusters and springs. The fronts bleed fine. Brake light is not on. Anyone with experience with this? Thanks!
  4. I want to add aftermarket gauges to my car and I'm trying to find a spot on the block for the temperature gauge. I am totally a novice when it comes to this stuff but does anyone know what this plug with the square is, and will using this spot work? I took out one of the bolts like the one next to the one with the square but none of the brass fittings would fit that hole. Thanks!
  5. About to remove my vinyl top and I a need help with finding the best adhesive remover to use that will not damage the paint. I am planning to not put a vinyl top back on. Also I have a question about the vinyl tops. This is my second 72 monte carlo and the first had a halo top and this one has a full top. I have noticed that most MC have a halo top, is the full top an aftermarket addition or just another option? Thanks!
  6. Thanks fellas I popped them off with ease this time! 😀
  7. Thanks Dennis I really appreciate the vivid pictures, they really help! Brian
  8. Thanks guys for the quick response. I tried the screwdriver method but maybe I was being a bit to gentle, afraid to damage something. I'll try again later on when I get off work. Thanks again!
  9. Need help trying to remove the door pull straps. It appears to be simple to slide the metal ends off but of course being me, nothing is ever simple. Is there a trick to slide these metal caps off? Thanks!
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