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  1. For everyone so info I am wanting to have all 3 first gets when done building a.shop just for the 3 of them the new 71 is a bucket seat console car triple black i think its a 350 have not got to pull the motor yet its locked up but ots not numbers matching as far as I can tell more pics to come
  2. I've been a member for almost 2 yrs but now have a 71 I added to the fleet to start once the 70 is done
  3. I love how people.like to get o. Others out make your own post to buy
  4. Ya i guess its not gonna happen I have not got an email back since this was posted
  5. What are you asking for them and could we ship them i know it's not cheap
  6. I just bought a 71 monte with no front clip I am in search of front fenders for it any help would be appreciated
  7. I am looking for fenders for a 71 I just bought today with no front clip are these still available
  8. I love both of those that you have for sale saw the 72 you just posted
  9. Yes jared I really love the 2 you have for sale but it takes the fun out of the build lol plus I have to do it in stages as jobs provide me the money to do it
  10. I'm in Iowa just trying to see what I can find within a couple states of me but let me see some pics and some prices
  11. I'm looking for a 71 or 72 monte project I'm almost done with my 70 and would like to have all 3 first gens eventually TIA Gene
  12. Paint is on clear coat tomarrow
  13. well it has come a long way In Little over a year doors trunk and good are coming back off for smaller and paint to start this weekend
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