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  1. I got a leak too, might be rear main. I'm going to have someone with more knowledge look at mine.
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    Welcome Doug, a lot of work but worth it.
  4. Too funny, that is what I made to replace my broken float. The issue is the original was a translucent red & Green and these have a semi transparent coating which isn't as good.
  5. My plan Jane 70 Monte came with the fiber optic windshield washer option. I found all the parts except the float inside the washer bottle. I made one but not great, anyone knowing or hears about this float please let me know. I'm experiencing sign in issues and it can take days to get back in so if I don't reply quickly that is the reason.
  6. That Monte looks like it's in great shape for a project, doing it yourself will be very rewarding, best of luck and I'll keep an eye out for your questions as I'm coming off a fresh restoration.
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