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  1. Dale what are you saying. I asked Tom if the carpet replacement PCs have the map pockets.
  2. Do the replacements have the pocket in them? Our are they just a pc of carpet? Can you post a picture?
  3. I’m wondering if it would be worth it to fiberglass them and finish them off and paint them. I agree that they are not good. I bought them when they first came out and thought just like you guys. Those the Part Place make better ones?
  4. I don’t see any pictures. Did you post some?
  5. Has anyone installed the PP Upper Hockey Stick Moldings yet? If you did can you post a picture and tell us if they worked out. Thanks, Carl
  6. I know OPG sells the new Monte cowl hood. Does anyone know who actually is making them? Is it AMD? Anyone have time to find out? Thanks Carl Hanson
  7. I know about the cowl hood. They now offer the stock hood without the cowl. Just like the one our montes came with. And yes there is a picture of it on their web site. Carl
  8. OPG is now showing the stock hood for 70-72. Who ever buys one of these hoods please make sure to share the fit with us. Carl
  9. Picture is now posted on the OPG Site.
  10. Does the Monte Store still offer the Show Panels that installs on the radiator support. They are made by Under Cover Innovations. Thanks, Carl
  11. Looking for a set of MC Emblems that sit right behind the quarter window. Not used ones. NOS or if there is a source that sells repro ones. Thanks Carl Hanson
  12. Thanks Terry. I think they will work. Good pictures.
  13. Call you order in and make sure they are the correct ones with the GM number. I had ordered a set of them a few years back and they sent me a Generic set. I called and complained and they didn't like that but took them back. Then they blocked me from ever ordering from them again. I got around that with a different email address. Be careful. Carl
  14. I hope the radius is correct. That would be the biggest problem in drawing them in for fit. Could you post a picture with them on top of each other. Thanks Carl
  15. I received mine today. They are a very nice Reproduction. So nice I ordered another set because PP offered a 10% Black Friday Discount. Don't know if the studs are in the correct place. Can't get to my Monte because it's in storage in Connecticut. I'm a Florida resident now. Carl
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