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  1. Thanks Terry. I think they will work. Good pictures.
  2. Call you order in and make sure they are the correct ones with the GM number. I had ordered a set of them a few years back and they sent me a Generic set. I called and complained and they didn't like that but took them back. Then they blocked me from ever ordering from them again. I got around that with a different email address. Be careful. Carl
  3. I hope the radius is correct. That would be the biggest problem in drawing them in for fit. Could you post a picture with them on top of each other. Thanks Carl
  4. I received mine today. They are a very nice Reproduction. So nice I ordered another set because PP offered a 10% Black Friday Discount. Don't know if the studs are in the correct place. Can't get to my Monte because it's in storage in Connecticut. I'm a Florida resident now. Carl
  5. Where do you get those name plates for the steering wheels???
  6. I keep emailing them but they never answer. Thanks, Carl
  7. Any news from the Parts Place yet?
  8. Any word from the Parts Place?
  9. Thanks guys. I'm going to leave it like I have it with my wife's name for a while. real busy right now on my move to FL. I would like to get all my info back. I have been a member since year 2000. It would be nice if somebody could just reset my username and password. Is that possible? Thanks Carl Hanson
  10. I have been having trouble signing in. My answers were change your browser to Google Chrome. last night I signed in with my wife’s email and my password. Seems it worked because I’m writing this on my I phone. Are we sure this is not the sites problem and not the members. I’m not only one that has this trouble. I wish someone will come up with a better reason then changing to Google
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