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    Hey guys Last nights fun. I'm installing a new hei system in my girl. Pretty straight forward red wire to hot, green is my tac. Now on to the ? I removed the old disruptor " gave it a kick across the garage floor and laughed " looking at the way they had it hooked up, not so funny. Here we go. - side of coil, black wire to dis... + side we had this. black,pink, yellow The black wire went 2 a capacitor mounted in the coil. The pink wire came from the harness someone broke open "not good" it was marked, resistance do not cut, and the yellow wire went to the alternator ?
  2. Hi guys To answer a couple questions from pab3589. Don't be unsure about your body work, as long as you blocked the crap out and used a nice 2k primer you should have no shrink back and it will come out great. Definitely use a bc/cc. I like sikkens. My color is called gem green, it just looks black. 👍 Have some fun with it, you'll be the only one that knows the secrets
  3. 1972 for sale, fiberglass front fenders. Solid doors, new rear quarters, complete floor pans. Complete front suspension. 70 thousand miles on 350 2 barrel. Needs final sand down and front and rear windows installed. $4500.00
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