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  1. Should I assume this little bundle of weird parts and pieces is just an after market cruise control setup? I had a little switch on the turn signal (that I removed) but this under the hood is part of that right? And I assume is of no interest to anyone?
  2. https://1971montecarlo.wordpress.com/2016/02/26/adding-a-chrome-right-side-mirror/ so it looks like 80$ to match my driver remote mirror. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these before on a car. I worry that the angle is different for a Monte than a Chevelle can you post more pics of the “chunky chrome” passenger side mirrors? http://www.chevelle.com/1970-72-Chevelle-Malibu-or-El-Camino-Right-Hand-Matching-Remote-Mirror-P5629.aspx
  3. Meltonworks

    Car kids

    I wanted to tell about my visit to my dad’s tonight, he took me and my 17 year old out in the Monte to show us how far it has come along in getting roadworthy. My son Allan (17) was really quiet the whole time. He hasn’t been in the car since he was a baby. It has the door panels out of it, and no carpet. I noticed he kept rolling the window up and down. It was really noisy. because as I explained to my dad the front tires are too big, and with the extra pounds they were rubbing and making awful noises. Allan was flipping out. He must have thought it was falling apart. We cruised around the neighborhood and my dad opened it up on a long straight block and for an old tired motor, it did it’s job. Allan must have asked me a hundred questions after we left there about the old car. I am not saying his comments were all positive- he may never be a car guy himself- but it was funny, 3 generations cruising around the neighborhood. So grateful for my dad getting the mothballs off the Monte.
  4. I am in Central Arkansas. You wouldn’t want to go thru Blythville in a Monte- those Monsanto-resistant bugs in east Arkansas are unreal!
  5. Just wanted to reintroduce myself to the group, I bought my Monte Carlo back in 2000 and drove it for a few years daily. Original blue with white top, 58000 mile car with 350/4brl. The fgmcc forum was super helpful for learning about these cars for me in those early years. However, It has been in storage for past 7 years. Recently my dad is putting effort into getting it back on the road. We added msd ignition and got some tires on it and it started right up and we were really impressed it would even start. Next up: brakes. Etc.
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