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  1. The 850 is on, it might be a fuel pick up issue in the tank or stock line issue. Either way, 275/60-15 tires at the next race, it won’t reach the problem rpm’s.
  2. Right lane. This race is from the same event, so it’s still flat up stairs. Unfortunately, I don’t have this video, the guy in the next lane uploaded it to Facebook. Cliff’s notes, he beats me all the way down the track, except for the last foot. I’m in camera on the launch, disappear, and then reappear after the 1/8-mile.
  3. One of the coolest race videos I have of my car…you’ll see what I mean if you watch it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/765517070206972/permalink/5005531619538808/ Time slip from race above.
  4. I’ll come to this later and add some color…successful first outing with the new engine. drove 190 miles to the track. Racing with a tachometer for the first time with the Monte. It comes out of the bottom very well. Traction off the line was definitely a little more complicated than with my 496. The engine is running out of fuel at 1200 feet, which is keeping the mph down. Unloaded, ready to go. Planning to race Mike Robert’s 571 CID monster in today. Yes, still sporting the obligatory stock tires (225/70-15 Cooper Cobras).
  5. Makes complete sense. Went back to the dyno sheets, it’s using 745 cfm at 5200 rpm….explains the power dropping off well. The 850 is bolted on now, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to test it this weekend.
  6. Why kind of power? More importantly at what RPM? This engine makes more than 600 hp at 4800 RPM. The pump is not being actuated as many times per minute as it would be on an engine that makes 600 hp at 5800-6000 RPM.
  7. Process of elimination really, I put the 850 cfm carb back on and I’ll give it a shot to see if it lays over. Anyhow, I swapped carbs urgently for another reason. Who would ever have thought an air cleaner carb stud and wing nut could nearly cost you an engine? I noticed my air filter lid was nearly spun around backward, and when I went to fix it, I noticed the stud was broken. Thankfully, I noticed before the stud separated from the wing nut and dropped in the engine. I went back to my earlier photos to ensure I didn’t have a jam nut on the carb stud (my mind was going a mile a minute at this point). Luckily, that answer was no. To be honest, I noticed the stud was bent, but didn’t think much of the bent carb stud since it was a “tomorrow problem” that solves itself when upgrading to the 850, which comes with a new stud I removed the carb and tried for more than two hours but I could not remove the broken stud with an EZ-Out, lube, etc. I was hoping to fix it, and keep the 850 on the old engine for fuel line mock up. Anyhow, the 850 is on with the existing 1/2”braided fuel line setup. I was hoping to install with a more stock appearing inverted flare hardline setup. Like this…3/8” inverted flare steel line from Carter Strip pump to Tee, 5/16” from Tee to bowls. The current setup OK from pump hose to the carb, but there’s a 90° at the fuel pump outlet which needs to go, but the inverted flare line removes this fitting. The car has 3/8” line, not sure if that’ll be a hang up on a soft-leaving car such as this, but I do have the 1/2” RobMC pickup and roll of 1/2” aluminum line if necessary. Anyhow, we’ll see how this pans out.
  8. Had the opportunity to take my wife for a ride in the Monte this morning. The 225/70-15 Coopers did well on this trip…with judicious use of the loud pedal. This run is with my old 750 cfm vacuum secondary carb, HEI distributor, and shifting at 5200 rpm (since the engine lays over at 5K rpm). Not positive if laying over is the normal flattening of the power or an issue that’s induced by insufficient fuel delivery in the car (smaller 750 vs. 850 cfm carb, or fuel line from the tank). The car certainly leaves stronger with the VortecPro 510 than with my 496. Considering the added weight (passenger, full trunk), worse air, shifting at 5200 rpm, and letting off 1-second before the 1000’ mark on a “back half of track” car, a 12.98 1/4 mile isn’t too shabby.
  9. Last Friday, Mark finished the engine I ordered. It's a 4.310" x 4.375" stroke 454 with a Bullet 228°/238° @ 0.050", 0.570"/0.590" HR cam, ported 049 casting heads, Performer RPM Air Gap, Holley 850 vacuum secondary carb. The engine made about 640/690, idles with 14" of vacuum at 840, and will idle at 550 rpm in gear. I couldn't recommend VortecPro enough. He's a gearhead through and through and does not play games. We'll see how it runs in a couple weeks.
  10. There’s about 25 signed up, and I have a good idea that there are a few people coming who aren't on Facebook as well. Should be a strong turnout. Please keep in mind, in order to park close to each other, we will all have to pay for the: "Car Show 1978 & Older Street Rod Entry At The Gate — $55 (Includes 2-weekend adult, unlimited 15 & under tickets).” - see bold below Otherwise, I believe you end up on the pit side rather than the car show side. I don’t believe it should be any problem to pay the day of the show. https://www.summitmotorsportspark.com/events/11290?fbclid=IwAR2ciQNndg-LwMedf9bZR9zur9RZPj2Y1Tg7tqLH8XhOxbBnt1AC5YL-538 Friday, July 29 1-Day Adult — $20 1-Day Child 6-12 — $5 1-Day Child 5 & Under — Free Saturday, July 30 1-Day Adult — $25 1-Day Child 6-12 — $5 1-Day Child 5 & Under — Free Sunday, July 31 1-Day Adult — $20 1-Day Child 6-12 — $5 1-Day Child 5 & Under — FREE 3-Day Adult — $60 3-Day Trackside Electric Motorhome — $200 3-Day Trackside Non-Electric Motorhome — $150 3-Day Wilson’s Fence Row — $100 3-Day Primitive Camping — $80 Free Parking Free Pit Pass Car Show 1978 & Older Street Rod Entry At The Gate — $55 (Includes 2-weekend adult, unlimited 15 & under tickets) Car Corral — $60 (1-weekend adult ticket) 20’ x 35’ Swap Space — $60 (1-weekend adult ticket) 20’ x 60’ Vendor Space — $250 (2-weekend adult tickets) 10’ x 10’ Women’s World Space — $75 (2-weekend adult tickets) Drag Racing NDRL Pro 7.00 — $100 NDRL Pro 7.50 — $100 NDRL Pro Comp — $100 NDRL Pro Gas — $100 Gasser Madness Nostalgia Gas — $75 Gasser Madness Competition Gas — $75
  11. I do not. I have auto-crossed my station wagon, what a riot that was...throttle induced oversteer. In right hand corners, you could literally watch the rubber fly off the left tire.
  12. A compilation video of the day my Monte Carlo ran its first 11-second passes. https://youtu.be/tcOh6gQ_K_E
  13. Are you going to give those exhaust manifolds a try?
  14. Merry Christmas everyone! To be clear, this will not be an official FGMCC Mini-Meet. This event will be a group of like-minded people with similar interests converging on what I would call one of summer's "must attend" events as gearheads. Other "must attend" events listed below the image. Tickets are on sale now (I don't believe the event will ever sell completely out, but there will likely be 3000+ pre-'72 Hot Rods and show cars in attendance) To purchase tickets - click this Web link to Summit Motorsports Park website (or search it up yourself on the web for you untrusting souls (like myself)): The direct ticket link can be found from their website here - Web link. Pick the day(s) you plan to attend. Other events I would consider as "must attend" for gearheads would be: Woodward Dream Cruise (Detroit-to-Pontiac, MI) - Web link, Facebook link Frankenmuth Auto Fest (Frankenmuth, MI)- Web link, Facebook link Cruisin' State Street Car Show (Fremont, OH) - Facebook link Looks like we have about 20 First-Gen Monte's looking to attend the Blue Suede cruise at this point - let's keep the interest going!
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