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  1. I like it when they follow me home, wish I had more land. Good luck with the build
  2. Has any one ever rebuilt a speedometer. I've got a new speedo cable and it spins freely or am I better off getting a used one. If so how do I know if that one will be any good right know using my phone with a speedometer app. Thanks for any help
  3. 8th annual monte's cruising Michigan Fall meet Sept. 21, 2019 Holly, Mi 9am to 2pm All extra info is on the MMCC'S WEB SITE P.S. I hope this is ok
  4. Welcome and beautiful Monte
  5. excited to be a new member here. A little about my self I've had a 79 monte for 26 years now and wanted a first gen since then. I got married out of high school my wife and I had 5 kids. Now up to date they have moved out and we found this 70 for sale. First pic is the old owner racing her 2nd pic is how we got her November of 2018. We had to do the wiring all the drive line mines the rear end. we just got done doing part of the old us 27 tour. looking forward to the show in Pennsylvania.
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