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  1. 1100843 would be correct if you don’t have the K85 option. I believe the fan and pulley should both be silver zinc.
  2. Darn, the date is perfect but your right those are corvette 15X8 wheels. The search continues... Willie i would be glad to meet you or any one else from the club at carlisle.
  3. I will be going to spring Carlisle in three months. Do you know what the dates are? Any pictures? thankyou for the reply, Jerry
  4. Looking for at least 3 FW 15X7 rally wheels date coded in 1970. must be in good condition to strip and paint. please no bends or deep pitting. Date code to the left of valve stem would be k10 picture shows example of my original. thanks Jerry
  5. They sell the tag at in-line tube.com, I don’t know how to get the info stamped into it though maybe someone else knows.
  6. I would look at the assembly date of your engine on the front pad because that’s the date that the manifold should be before as they were on the engine when it was first started at the Tonawanda plant.My engine was assembled on September 3 of 70 and the exhaust manifold had a date of July 28 of 70. 1970 cars use different casting numbers of 3909879 for the driver side and 3916178 for the passenger side, I doubt that your car would’ve came with those but I’m sure it’s possible some early 71s use leftover inventory and may have had them. Does your build sheet show any information that it origina
  7. no problem, I have family that lives near there and visit that area often so if it pops back up just let me know I’d be happy to help out.
  8. I live an hour and a half East of there in Johnson City TN
  9. The strike started at midnight on September 14, 1970 and lasted for 67 days. Your car was built just before the strike started and my car was scheduled to be built the third week of September but due to the strike didn’t get built till December I believe the first or second week of December it was built according to the Vin number. My engine assembly date is September 3, 1970 and most of the components are dated August September. The latest date I have found is the windshield which is October 1970. A couple of things that I have found different on my car from later 71 is the rear bottom of the
  10. Dennis these are the only photos that I could find. I don’t see that connector by the master cylinder in any of my pictures, but I will check the harness when I get home. I won’t be back till August 10 though. I have a question for MC one of 80, my Cowl tag says the assembly date is the third week of September however there was a strike September 14 for 67 days so my door decal says it was built December 1970 and my Vin number is 118567.Can you tell me what date is on your Cowl tag and do you have the blue decal on your door jam with the assembly month?
  11. Dennis,Right now my firewall looks like this so I will see if I have some pictures that shows that area for that connector. I noticed barn find 402 right after I sent my post so 71s must’ve had the threaded stud originally. My car was assembled in December 70 at the Baltimore plant. Is your 402 barn find car that was built September 1970 also a Baltimore car?
  12. I looked at my temperature sending unit on the passenger head and it does have the two prongs like in the pictures here. But as I say there weren’t any wires connected to it so may have been cut from my harness, I’ll have to look at it closer. One thing I was wondering I know on the 70s they originally on the driver side head the sending unit for gauges had a threaded stud and then the wire had an eyelet which was held On with a nut. But later parts sending units had a mushroom head and you had to add a different connector to the wire. I’m wondering if 71 or 72 also had a threaded stud origina
  13. I have a 71 SS with factory gauges and my driver side head has the single terminal with a green wire going to it. I don’t have any wires on the driver side head, and when I removed the wire harness didn’t find any wires that would go to the passenger side. I have had 2-70 SS Chevelle‘s with gauges and they both had the same sending unit on the driver side with one terminal and a green wire going to it, the passenger head had a 2 terminal connection on both cars so I was wondering why I didn’t have any wires going to the passenger head on my 71 SS. I’m not as familiar with 71s as I am 70s so I
  14. Yes you’re right there is. But I had the a arms rear control arm springs radiator core support all brackets engine brackets and pulleys powder coated as well so that was a huge help. I have to get the new bushings pressed in and I got the bolts organized but need to refinish those which is going to be time consuming.
  15. I purchased Monroe part number MA762 from advance auto parts. They are a black color but you can paint them the gray blue original color and they have the airline connection in the correct placement.I believe they were a little over $60 shipped to my house.
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