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  1. I have a 57 TR3A, or had, gave it to our son as I found it very uncomfortable to dive ( I have back problems). Drive train and mechanical done butstill needs body, paint and interior. It has the electric overdrive and wire wheels, bought it in 1972.
  2. Sounds great Aaron wish I was there. Have a great weekend. Grant
  3. 500 Plus cars and only 2 first gen Montes and only 1 gen 2
  4. Yes I know, never happened. I was at a show and shine and someone looking at my car mentioned that he almost bought one years ago but it had a 4 speed. I said not from the factory, someone must have changed it. How to make a new friend in 30 seconds or less! He huffed off saying there where always some build off the books. Oh well, would love to see one.
  5. Hi Andrew Sent me your mailing address and I will put one in the mail to you. My float looked like a foam cylinder and the paddle pushes through it to get some ajustment as to when you want it to show red. It might ytake a few days for me to find them but don't worry about the cost, glad to help. Grant
  6. I put a Holley Sniper on my 87 gmc 454 3 years ago and still having problems! Sent it back once and they said it had bent injector pins which they replaced and still runs very inconsistant. Floods when you shut it off hot, coff and sputters maybe 10 mpg fouls plugs. There last sugestion was to drive 500 miles to a service center. I just pulled it off to wrap all the wiring in foil and tape to eliminate some frequincy problems and also rubber coated the bottom of the air cleaner because it can also cause feedback problems. Just about ready to throw the whole works in the garbage. That is my 2 cents worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I kind of have mixed feelings, love to drive it but hate to see the mileage creep up. No fun sitting in the garage.
  8. I don't think that is a 70 grill, tabs don't look right
  9. the left one is beaded and painted, the center one is just beaded and the right one is original.
  10. Hi Dan glass beaded and Champagne Mist on the pump and satin black on the tank. That was the closest to the anodized I was able to find. Here is a pic of the pump can.
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