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  1. never mind, just called again and got through.
  2. I left a message yesterday, no reply yet. How long do they normally take to respond?
  3. I have a rebuilt compressor head less tank, still sorting out want I want to keep. I also have a complete unit with tank. Let me know if you are interested and I can send pictures and prices. I am in canada so it might be cheaper to piece it together after you consider shipping. Grant
  4. thanks Joe, think I found a set nos for 125.00. thanks again for confiming the number Grant
  5. Can anyone confirm that 993802 is the correct GM part number for 70 - 72 monte door edge guards? Thanks Grant
  6. Looking for a set of door edge guards in good condtion. found new on line but realy pricey. Let me know if anyone has some they would part with, pictures please. Thanks Grant
  7. I have a 70SS which according to the build sheet came with a 2:56 open. that is still in it.? Grant
  8. thanks guys, your picture shows a little higher than the one I removed but mine was not factory or dealer. There is the screw hole and on the back of the display there is a plastic nib that would fit into a hole to prevent the display from turning. Mine didn't have the extra hole so the diplay did not sit flat. thanks again Grant
  9. I asked this awhile ago and didn't get a reply, I am installing the fluid level control and would like to know if the original kit came with a install template to position the dash indicator or was it just a random choice left to the installer? I have measurments off the old dash but I am guessing it was a later install as it only had a screw hole and not the positioning hole for the plastic stub. thanks Grant
  10. I am using a WIX 33051 fuel filter with the check valve removed and inlarged (carefully) the ID to fit the intake on the compressor. Not sure how well it works for an air filter but thought better than nothing. If anyone has another option please let me know. Grant
  11. Needed the paddle for the washer fluid indicator, why just make one? got carried away. Does anyone have the exact mounting location for the indicator or was it just screwed at random next to the brake release? thanks Grant
  12. Hi Bob Interesting, never seen this style, what years did they use it? Grant
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