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  1. I hope that is the SS Aaron so the back end isn't dragging on the road! Have a safe trip.
  2. I cut an old distributer years ago to prime my engines, has worked great
  3. Is there anyway to calibrate the temp gauge? Or just replace the sending unit first and then the gauge if that doen't work? I am running about 20 degrees to hot. Thanks
  4. The 3rd new starter is a winner! I picked up a new Delco starter after the 2nd Wison failed, I am sure they all come from the same plant, look the same just different box and sticker.
  5. Just saw this Monte posted in Eastern Canada Kijiji # 1618054037. Looks like a decent car by the pictures and for all you US members that price is almost free.
  6. Installed that pretty starter and dead as a door nail! nothing! even took it to be tested in case I was doing something wrong. So much for going with a new instead of a reman to eliminate problems! It did come with a performance sheet, I wonder if they use the same test sheet for all starters. Oh well waiting for another one.
  7. Just a thought but I just added the seat relocaters that move the seat back 2" would that give you more room and also more seat belt?
  8. never burped a big block, too hard to hold and pat!
  9. I have had a noisy starter for awhile, trying shimming didn't help so today I bought a new one, not rebuilt and here is a picture of the new one. Almost too pretty to put on.
  10. Just did my 70, 454 stock exhaust turbo 400. removed fan, distributor cap. removed motor mount bolts and jacked it up. No problem removing the pan and went with the 1 piece gasket. Your trans may cause a problem.
  11. Back in the 70's I had the same floating problem with my 402 71 Monte. Felt real loose at anything over 120, the problem was solved over the years with several speeding tickets and a very angry wife. Still have the wife and have slowed down (mostly).
  12. I have one but hopefully you can find one closer. Let me know if you don't get any other reponse.
  13. Hi Mark Please confirm the size, I am pretty sure this is the right one and is the same one on my compressor but I ran across a smaller one while checking for this one. This one fits the regulator. If it is correct I will send by mail which will probably be a couple of weeks . Grant
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