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  1. Not looking to sell, did you check with your local tool stores? I just picked this one up last year for $60.00 canadian. mine is a MAC S164 1/2".Or buy 2 - 1/2" sockets and weld one up. Do you want measurements? I think frieght back and forth would be more than the cost to buy.
  2. thanks for the info. I don't think it has a reverse pattern. It is the B&M version built by a trany expert I know. I checked with him a few years back when I was throwing out extra parts to know if I should keep any parts and he said he built it with the best of the best and I would break a lot of parts long before the trans broke. Never thought to ask about engine breaking, might have to call him and get some more info, re read the maual might help as well. thanks again and let me know if anything else comes to mind.
  3. Has anyone used a clutch turbo?????????? I have been sitting on one for 30+ years and was thinking why not put in my 70 SS and have some fun! I am going to do a gear change from stock 2:56 to a 3:42 and while the drive shaft is off why not pull the trans. ( that justifies it, right? ) Not planning on selling the car anytime soon so as long as I keep the parts shouldn't hurt the value. Any and all thoughts, don't hold back!!!!
  4. If you are not pulling the trans right out run some bollts, 6" or so than with the engine and trans droped a bit ( maybe pop the distributer cap so ti doesn't break agianst the fire wall) than you can slide the trans back, flip the flywheel and siide the trans back into place.
  5. another failed attempt today, color was a lot closer but the material was too brittle to stretch onto the valve. Haven't given up yet and will keep you posted.
  6. Had to stop and take a picture.
  7. after months of procrastenation finely drilled the back bumper to install the rear bumper guards. Thanks again Jared for the great cores!
  8. how close were the cam specs? mine now has the 390 hp corvette cam but was thinking of going to roller.
  9. did you do a stock rebuild? I went back a ways and didn't see anything. Interested in the dyno results.
  10. used comp cams in a 454 and was surprised at how noisy it is. I also have lifters draining down after only a few days of non use, this is realy noisy. I called them and they said that is normal for all hydraulic lifters???????? I have always relpaced lifters that bled down that quickly for fear of distroying the cam.
  11. first time seeing a 4 door, can only hope it is the last!!!!! What were they thinking?
  12. I am color blind, LOL. I can tell that they don't match, but it is more than just color, the finish is rough so I had them increase the thickness and the density so that they will polish to a smother finish. Hopefully something back next week.
  13. Don't give up yet, we are still working on it, just not on the top of his list. Trying to keep the R&D costs down so this is a spare time project. I am also still working on the compressor diaphrams, I have had one in service for 2 years now but don't think it will stand up for the long hall. I have a found a source on better material and will try to mold it. Once I am happy with it I will post pictures.
  14. I was able to see mine when I changed the blower motor, didn't have to remove the whole housing.
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