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  1. Yes, that is them. Easy to see with the quarter off. Thanks
  2. size looks about right but I think the location is wrong. If I stick my arm down into the door jam vent opening (tight fit) at the bottom towards the inner panel is where I feel the holes. If I put a light on the inside of the frame some light shines through but you can't see the opening.?
  3. during inspection and cleaning I came across 2 holes at the bottom of the rear quarter panel below the quarter glass level with the frame. Difficult to see but you can feel them, about 1" x 1.5" ovol. Are they left open or should they be pluged. You can't see them from under the car. Didn't find them mentioned in any of the suppliers catalogs. Thanks
  4. thanks for the info, not installed yet but lots of adjustment so hopefully fix the problem. Grant
  5. thanks for the input and pictures, I will have to check the arm direction, maybe I put it on backwards, it won't be the first time i have put something together wrong. Does anyone have a breakdown of the control valve? I took mine apart and cleaned it but not sure if someone was into it before me so a breakdown would be nice to confirm. Grant
  6. thanks Joseph, was hoping not to cut the original linkage but probably the easiest solutions. thanks Grant
  7. I have just replaced rear springs, air shocks, rebuilt compressor, replaced diaphram and cleaned the control valve. If I uhook the control valve and move it up and down it seems to work properly but when it is hocked up it is in the lower position and drains off air, not enough adjustment to stop it. Is it possible to get the leveler out of adjustment? ride height now is 25" to wheel opening. thanks Grant
  8. just noticed a 71 grille on Kijiji Calgary for $50.00. If anayone is looking
  9. Can't find any passwords saved, is it possible to delete my email address so that I can start new? I have the same problem with laptop and tablet. I keep a log of my passwords because I can't remember them all but who knows what I did. thanks Grant
  10. Having password problems, everytime I sign out I have to reset my password. I have switched to chrome and it is still a problem. Can someone look into this please. Thanks Grant
  11. Any trany experts out there? Just wondering if there is an additive that keeps seals and orings from hardining over time. Not having any problems or looking for rebuild in a can, just wondering if there are additives that help with cars that don't get a lot of miles? thanks
  12. Here the pictures, doesn't look the block was decked.
  13. it has the last 8 digets of the serial #
  14. I hve a matching numbers 70 SS with an engine code CGW? All I can find for that code says it isa 454 390HP for a 70 Corvette? Anybody hit this before?
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