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  1. Pictures are just pictures, I would have to see it close up and have some one you trust do a thorough inspection. If this is your dream car emotions are high and it is easy to over look things and hard to negotiate if you have a grin from ear to ear. Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth, hope it works out for you, nice Car!!
  2. looking great, glad I got to see them in person (you too AAron). still waiting to get out the last snow almost gone.
  3. I think if you have a 4 speaker car the plug is the same. here is mine.
  4. the 4180E has overdrive so that would fix the rpm problem
  5. I spoke to a builder/racer and he said for street use go with a 3:42, he said every 3:73 he put in customer complains about highway RPM. just my 2 cents worth. I still have the 2:56 open that I hate except on the highway, cruising at 90 and not even breathing hard.
  6. thanks everyone for the response. the fit is good still working on the finish and color. here is a picture of a sample test next to oem. Not good enough yet will post more pictures as it improves.
  7. Hi Rob The amber ends a colored right through, I have seen them advertised as corvette ends. I grabbed some fibre from a wrecker a few days ago and it was a buick with clear ends on the signal lite housing so I will see if I can adapt them to work in mine. Thanks
  8. Great, thanks. I was at a wreckers yesterday to remove fibre optics to repair the vigilite option and went through the process of removing the factory power locks from one door only to discover that the other door could not be opened. So at that point I decided to go with after market. This info helped confirm the choice.
  9. I have found a source to reproduce the yellow regulator caps and was wondering if there is any interest out there? If anyone is interested let me know, right now I am thinking $10.00 US but of coarse the more I order the lower the price.
  10. can anyone post a picture of the front signal light with the lens off. I would like to see what the end of the fibre has on it. Thanks
  11. Lucky ####! I have been watching for a while. the fastest fingers win. I will stay on the hunt. Another member has a used set I hope to pick up. All the best, no disrepect intended Grant
  12. really looks great, how much was the recoating? I had it priced last week in Canada and they quoted $350 and up depending on condition so about $260.00 US
  13. my 70 is cadium gold, built in Van Nuys, asked about getting one redone and was quoted $350 and up.
  14. Does anyone have a parts listing for the compressor and related parts? I have the service manual but it doesn't list any part numbers. thanks Grant
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