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  1. Thanks Rob, just made my reservation with hotel . I will send the printed hard copy out today with my dues,
  2. Hi Rob, Vinyl Roof , yes Black . Class , Stock ( messed that up last year ) No I have not registered with Carlisle yet but will this week. Should I call the hotel ? I have not done that yet .
  3. Hi Rob , Happy New Year to you and all Monte people! . We will be coming to the Mini Meet in Carlisle this year . Jim Covello and Carrie Jacka , driving Monte Blue 71 SS . One king bed for three nights , Thurs thru Sun , would be great. Looking forward to it . My email is SPYSDS@hotmail.com . Any thing else you need let me know ? Thank you .
  4. I was one of the new members who didn't make it for the pictures. I had transmission troubles , and had it serviced there in Carlisle Friday morning. All good now. No problem or worries Rob. Next year you can get our pictures. I still had a great time and now I know what bench racing is. It was nice to finally use my Monte Blue . Seems like all I ever do with it is take get fixed and washed. Hopefully I will do more fun stuff. Philly guy too . So keep me in the loop local shows and meets. Thanks Monte People
  5. Was a great time , nice people and well run . Thanks again Rob . It was first my time also. For me the best part was seeing 53 beautiful Montes in the hotel parking lot and hearing them start up and pull out loud and proud Amercan Classis Cars. See you all next year at the mini meet .
  6. The one on Hemmings , , is down to 24 k now. Keeps giong down. Started at 37 k , then 27 k.
  7. I see it there, it a premium classified , Unmodifided 1970 Monte ss. The price is 27 k . Gold with a gold top and green bench seat int. Look nice and is close to me in Malvern Pa. I dont know how to copy and past the.listing.
  8. That on This one looks better to me. And good price 29.k Matching # s and all the right air compressor / level ride parts.
  9. It is a gold one with white letter tires. The auction is over, but it in Hemmings Clasifised now. Asking price of 37 k.
  10. There is a 70 S S now on Hemiings Classified now. It was for Auction. But did not sell. Asking 37 k..
  11. Hi , 70weSSon , there is a 70 Monte SS , just being auctioned on Hemmings , at no reserve . It close to me , here in Pa. Check it out , Hemmings Auctions.com.
  12. It is not snaped off , is a flat surfice , almost polished brass.
  13. Maybe Dan can not put the lower hole when he makes my brackets ?
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