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  1. Also Bob , This is my first time too. I called them on the phone and they were very nice and helpful. Maybe call them on Monday.
  2. Hi Rob, so sorry to hear you are in the hospital... Get well soon.
  3. The one on Hemmings , , is down to 24 k now. Keeps giong down. Started at 37 k , then 27 k.
  4. I see it there, it a premium classified , Unmodifided 1970 Monte ss. The price is 27 k . Gold with a gold top and green bench seat int. Look nice and is close to me in Malvern Pa. I dont know how to copy and past the.listing.
  5. That on This one looks better to me. And good price 29.k Matching # s and all the right air compressor / level ride parts.
  6. It is a gold one with white letter tires. The auction is over, but it in Hemmings Clasifised now. Asking price of 37 k.
  7. There is a 70 S S now on Hemiings Classified now. It was for Auction. But did not sell. Asking 37 k..
  8. Hi , 70weSSon , there is a 70 Monte SS , just being auctioned on Hemmings , at no reserve . It close to me , here in Pa. Check it out , Hemmings Auctions.com.
  9. It is not snaped off , is a flat surfice , almost polished brass.
  10. Maybe Dan can not put the lower hole when he makes my brackets ?
  11. I got mine delivered , it has two rubbber gromets , one on each end. The one on ebay has three.mine just has the one on top. Im still waiting for the mounting brachets. Any thoughts ?
  12. I thinks Andys looks just like yours 1970mcss. And I needed the shock shiels also. All good Andy also it was a pleasure talking with you.
  13. I will order the mounting brackets from Overdrive as soon as the compressor gets here.
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