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  1. It is not snaped off , is a flat surfice , almost polished brass.
  2. Maybe Dan can not put the lower hole when he makes my brackets ?
  3. I got mine delivered , it has two rubbber gromets , one on each end. The one on ebay has three.mine just has the one on top. Im still waiting for the mounting brachets. Any thoughts ?
  4. I thinks Andys looks just like yours 1970mcss. And I needed the shock shiels also. All good Andy also it was a pleasure talking with you.
  5. I will order the mounting brackets from Overdrive as soon as the compressor gets here.
  6. Great Andy , looks good. Cant wait to get them. Thank you.
  7. I am not still building it, it is done , but missing the compressor. I am going to the Eastern Meet this yr, and thought it would be nice to have. It aready has other mods so it not stock, but street.
  8. Ok thanks Andy, I just need the compressor and mounting brakets . I have all new shocks and springs. Not too sure about the shields. The old air lines are in place. But I have the new air shocks fed by a single in the back bumper.
  9. Still not found one. Lastss is out of town and has to build one. Do you have one for sale ? Thanks Andy . My name is Jim.
  10. Thanks 1970mcss, how do I find him, I searched his name , no luck.
  11. Ok thanks , I am talking to Bob, lastss, he has one but needs brackets. Any thoughts ?
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