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  1. do you need the entire dash or just the woodgrained metal piece? if the item from Real red is not correct i may be able to help you
  2. im a newbie here but i have this 70 and i really want to sell it because the last thing i need is another project. My garage is full currently housing my 71 monte the 66 mustang i built for my wife a 79 C25 and a 76 K25, the latter two of which are just about done, the monte and mustang are done, but this 70 was almost dumped in my lap for nothing and i enjoy fooling around with cars whenever i can so today i was working on the drivers floor patching holes tomorrow i promised id take the wife shopping but she doesnt know part of the shopping is for Monte parts so Sunday im hoping to tackle the other side
  3. After looking on OPGI website and catalogue they only have a dark blue interior set up the dash cap comes in the correct medium blue color... does anyone have a code for a correct vynal dye for the SEM colors or another brand /code for a dye that matches that medium silvery blue on the interior?
  4. i am in Howell 6 lights north of I 195 off of route 9 Please note i took seats out today and scraped up floor rear floor is minor rot that can be easilly patched the fronts i have the pans
  5. My wife and I decided that we are probably not going to build this car so Ive decided to part ways it is a PROJECT CAR its a 1970 bench seat car with a 350 2 barrel column shift. It needs a total restoration. Previous owner had car for ten years started resto and one thing led to another and he never finished it. He put new quarters and trunk floor onto it Car needs floor pans which I have Interior is all there but taken apart, in bad shape will probably best be replaced and the front seat will need new foams. It is a power window car and it has a tilt steering wheel car. The hood and hood hinges wilneed some work although i think its just the drivers side hinge thats bad hood is bent rear bumper is MIA but i have dreshly powdercoated bumper brackets the car does run Ive started it with ether no motor noises and I was told the car was running and driving The car comes with a host of new parts including a new front bumper. There are at least two other front bumpers there are two grilles there are seven crates of items for the car an extra non tilt column, rear defrosters, a box of OEM ignition parts new rear cargo coils some front end parts at least two sets of front bumperettes, I have two gauge clusters When i transported the car to my house i filled up my truck and a flat deck trailer with the parts probably 95% of the car is reusable we have tail light and rear bezels new mirrors anew remote mirror alot of used trim extra trailing arms trim rings wheel centers, OEM valve covers just lots and lots of stuff Id take $2800 firm for everything. If you are in the northeast I may be able to deliver it for you after its paid for for an additional fee. I have a clean clear title for this
  6. these fit into a priority mail box that is flat rate $19.95 country wide
  7. according to the box and the looks of it it is for Cassette Tapes
  8. I should be able to send it in a priority mail box ill check
  9. received as part of a package deal unsure if it works includes Mic $75 plus ride
  10. says chevelle but pretty sure it fits Monte Carlo marked $189 $75 plus ride shipped USPS
  11. probably aftermarket new in box $50 plus ride also have chevelle hubcaps same price shipped USPS
  12. I have like three of these $25 plus ride USPS most appear new not all in boxes
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