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  1. Sounds like the perfect time to reroute the water line ... 🍌
  2. Oh sure sure sure . All green with my finger on-the 911 send button.. by he way, there’s no union here Dennis so no osha
  3. If I am correct there is an adjustment screw in the center of the vacuum module that has an effect on shifting rpms. I trial and erred this on mine and got it set properly... mine was shifting too early... problem is, you can only get to the screw with the vac line off the module.. just a thought... 🤔 I only turned the screw 1/4 turn a try...
  4. First day off work for the summer, you would think I would rest and relax, but No, stupid me gets in over my head and now I’m so sore I can hardly walk! Too old for this ! My brain still thinks my body can go up and down a ladder 100 times with a chain saw!. No, I don’t need any bananas , thank you.
  5. Probably not!, and I’m not going there to try it either !
  6. Yep I knew that. But , I wasn’t kidding when I said I would clean it , I was lying 😆. Especially since Dennis is supposed to clean it ...
  7. Ok Rob, after thinking again about cleaning your car, I printed all the emails and notes on this site you sent everyone about the upcoming show and as it turns out ,it’s over a half inch thick . So, maybe I could take a couple swipes at cleaning your car after all. You certainly probably haven’t had the time since doing so much coordinating for this meet. Seriously tho... I recognize and thank you for so much effort.. amazing...
  8. Haha. Yes Sir Boss 🤣. But , I bet yours is already ready !
  9. Sounds like you need a little Monte Carlo time Dennis , it’s very Relaxing 😎
  10. Ok, so maybe I’m a little premature on this , but maybe not. Got the 71 cleaned in and out , loaded on trailer .. I’m ready for Carlisle. This is our biggest, bestes cruise this year and I don’t want to spoil it by messing something up in the next 30 days gallivanting around .! So sue me :)… she shines like new money !
  11. Looks great, hope to see it in person in about 5 weeks 😃
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