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  1. Ah Ha! Great ! Thanks for the info.. nice shot too ....
  2. Ok , got that question answered ,thanks.. now.. another one.. the hoses to the charcoal canister have clamps on them? Mine were removed.. don’t like newer style clamps even tho my car isn’t all original... 3 hoses —-clamps, glue or just fit tightly???
  3. Had no bumper jack in the 71, hopefully this is correct one ... 70-72 bumper jack with part number...
  4. P.S. we never toss in direction of cars , that’s the reason for one box ..
  5. Ok I’ll make one and bring it.. we only use one box with three holes and whoever gets the most washers in win the prize.. there has never been a tie, but could be a playoff if necessary.. the box is only about 3 feet long by 8-10 inches wide and couple inches tall.. very challenging.. best to play on grass I suppose but we play on asphalt.. usually someone stands behind box if washers get carried away...Ron...
  6. Rob, you may have thought of this game or have enough already but, one game at car shows here a lot of people liked to play is called washer toss in this area.. basically you have 6 large 3 inch washers you try to throw in 3 holes in a short rectangular box . At about 10 to 12 feet away.. kinda difficult but sometimes just 2 in the hole can be a winner... I could make one and bring the game if you like .. Ron..
  7. Found some more info on the correct battery in SS archives, from 2008 .. interesting .. by Capri’71 SS...
  8. Ron and Shirley Tevis Bourbon County Kentucky
  9. Ok, this club has a wealth of knowledge about first generation MC,s... two questions I had from someone that just purchased a 71, that I don’t have the experience to answer... 1. Were first gen Montes side or top post on the batteries, or both?..? 2. Did any first gen Montes come with a radiator overflow tank? ... thanks for your answers, .. you will enlighten me as well as a friend.. Ron T...
  10. Searsman

    Thank You

    Hi Rob, great to hear you are doing much better 👍🏻... also thankful for the doctors and hospital that diagnosed the situation... if it were going to happen, I’m glad it was now, in the winter, .. have a relaxing speedy recovery and looking forward to meeting YOU and other club members this June ... Ron...
  11. Found an original nk4 steering wheel from a club member to put on the 71..horn button cap is nos ... build sheet called for this sport wheel,, why some one took it off and put a camaro SS wheel on it I have no idea... anyway, it’s back to what it should be.... Also replace dinged seal plates.... approximately 136 days till eastern meet... 😎👍🏻
  12. Dan, accepted, please check your email- thanks .. Ron..
  13. Dan, I seat a personal message to your listed email...Ron..
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