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  1. Will be watching for club info on this meet. Reservations , sign up, ect. Looking forward to this years meet !. Will take off work but I’ll be there!...Ron...
  2. Thanks guys, that was the only pix I got of the car.. still, a lot of money $$$
  3. A Monte owner friend of mine , Ronnie Johnson, at at Kissimmee last week saw this 71ss sell for 80,000$..wish I had more details but I didn’t get to watch the sale...
  4. Thank you Rob, the first gens are a beautiful design and form to begin with.. so smooth and elegant looking. They stand out in a group of cars.. lots of chevelles at that show.. I know the owner of that particular grey chevelle. We all drove down to that cruise together. Only one other first gen there. A 72. We talked a lot obviously,,,,actually, in one of the pictures you can see the front grill of the 72 sitting across from me.. strange with that many cars “1500”, we were parked so close to one another and I didn’t know him till then.. I think our Monties were part of the main attraction,
  5. Got to go to “one” nice car cruise today, errrrr this year! Was ILL during Carlisle pa show . Hated to miss that one. Everything down this way was cancelled.. anyway- the one cruise was Somernights cruise in Somerset Ky.. great cruise!. Approx 1500 cars plus that many and more people... surprised it wasn’t cancelled. It was in sept.. had a wonderful time. Drove the 71 round trip about 200 miles. She loved it. Made her run even better! Only one 71 SS there. Mine.. seems most people had never seen one so they kept us busy asking questions and checking out the 71.. one gal said she had
  6. A little radiator soldering performed by me , radiator in good shape but somehow a bolt that evidently too long finally scratched a pinhole in left front facing car . Took solder very well..
  7. Finally had a nice day for a drive. Put on my new FGMCC sticker and proudly displayed it , stopping at the local classic car sales “closed”, then trecking about another 20 miles to a classic car food carry out. It’s been there at same location since I was a youngster.. called “parquette” drive in. In Lexington ky. Was so nice to get out and drive the 71...
  8. Ha!. Don’t forget to wash yer hands tho 👏..
  9. Hi everyone, from ky. First of all, thank you for asking.. my wife and I are doing good. Even tho the virus 🦠 is all around us . Cases are tripled ever 2-3 days.. staying busy. Mowed grass already and the cleavland pear trees and frogs 🐸 making noise say it’s spring. A sign of hope , a new beginning. We will be thru this .. soon I hope. Still looking forward to seeing all you guys and those beautiful Monties in person. Keep the faith. Ron T..
  10. Hi James , met you in Maysville ky early 2018 at a car show at the old Washington car show.. you advised me to join the club and I did... good decision!.. I didntmake it to Kodiac Tn but I’m sure registered for the big one in Pa... see you there 👋🏻. Ron T... Searsman..
  11. This is car related in a way. Lots of cruise and shows here will be canceled.. I live 6 miles from the epicenter of the start of a virus that has practically shut down the entire state. All schools public and private are closed, universities, ect. First case reported last night in my county, Bourbon..my wife and I are concerned as we are over 60 and she has just recovered from cancer.. we are in hibernation down here.. also hoping it doesn’t affect our trip to Pa In June .. take care, hope to see you guys soon. Ron T . .
  12. Ah Ha! Great ! Thanks for the info.. nice shot too ....
  13. Ok , got that question answered ,thanks.. now.. another one.. the hoses to the charcoal canister have clamps on them? Mine were removed.. don’t like newer style clamps even tho my car isn’t all original... 3 hoses —-clamps, glue or just fit tightly???
  14. Had no bumper jack in the 71, hopefully this is correct one ... 70-72 bumper jack with part number...
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