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  1. Thanks Bruce, that was a real bummer about your friends 71 SS. Can’t be replaced.this one was antique white when built.. I like hat triple black there.. sharp!!
  2. Thank you willie, she gets a lot of TLC.. need a name for her but haven’t decided on anything...
  3. Hey thanks Doug, and cheers to you too 🍻
  4. Thank you, I show it to promote the Monties -: they are on the up and up in value in this area, and very difficult to find
  5. Whoops - western I mean 👍🏻
  6. Thank you 😃, and appreciate the info on 2020 east Penn...👍🏻
  7. Thank you Black chrome , and thank you sir
  8. My handle is Searsman. Just joined the club today so I don’t know if I’m doing this right.. Have a 71 SS I bought 4 years ago partially restored.. I’m finishing it.. your never finished haha.. have gotten info from your site before.. It was build 2nd week of March 1971 Leeds plant in Kansas City . Mo. Love it!!!.. beautiful car.. it was sold originally to a young doctor in Tn... it wasn’t driven much, 47,000 certified miles, original matching SN engine.. wanted to bring it to kodac tn but couldn’t make it.. will try for 2020 .. hope to get to know some of you guys, I’ll try put some pictures of my pride and joy on here ... Ron Tevis , Searsman...
  9. And it looks good on my SS here in ky.. had to make the brackets from aluminum... I plan on joining your club soon... wanted to bring it to Kodiac tn. Didn’t make it ...had it 4 years... it came out of Tenn...still restoring it...
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