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  1. Wow!. Great turnout.. they came out of the woodwork .. sign them up!
  2. A shed resurrection, wonderful job!
  3. PS there is no trophies or plaques or judging at somernights cruise. There are door prizes if you register and vendors…and food ..also the Friday night cruise at the somerset mall on the bypass usually has live music and food vendors… as far as food in restaurants in somerset there is pretty much anything you want from Cracker Barrel to steaks to seafood to hamburgers to Chinese. Cumberland lake isn’t far away, Hugh man made lake with more shoreline that the state of Florida. i do not know of a Fairfield inn & suites in somerset Ky. But there are several others located on the main bypass around downtown. Hope this helps your decision some ….Ron..
  4. It’s Mother’s Day in April. April in Ky is typically wet. May is pretty good, that’s the memorial weekend like Larry said . July is humid and hot . I know somernites cruise showcases certain model and makes of cars each month but I don’t know if next year’s models are picked yet. They use this in ther advertisements and have parking area of there own. most weekends of that cruse has anywhere from 1000 to 1,500 cars and has had more at times. Most parking is in the street or open parking areas downtown. Some areas may support a club tent if coordinated with cruise personnel. just trying to fill you in a little, you can visit somernites cruise on Facebook to see pictures. Also visit at www.somernites cruise . Com.. Ron.
  5. Must be deck repair time, just did some repairs on this one to re stain...
  6. Car looks great Rob, love those white walls on the rally’s 😀
  7. Either that or they wrinkle and crack...
  8. I was running service calls for Sears early that morning, heard the announcement on the radio. Couldn’t believe what I heard.. such a sad day, and full of heroes and people coming together... I for one ,will never forget! so sorry for all those families. 🇺🇸
  9. Will outlast me I'm sure! 🚜
  10. I also like the muscle look Larry , but these I appreciate as well. I have a picture of a 71 coming down the assembly line with this size whites but it has regular rims. But to me at least, the whites look pretty good on the rally’s too. Ron...
  11. You can still get the thin red line tires, but they were way over my head in price...could not find the thinner whites... but these are thinner than most
  12. So before this years 2022 meet in Carlisle, I bought tires for the original Monte rally wheels but had not the time to change them out from American racer wheels on the car. yesterday I decided that it will go to somernights cruis in two weeks looking more original. And I must say I like the look. could this be a return from modified to street,or maybe even original someday??? Who knows? Only time will tell. 😃
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