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  1. Yup. Already disabled it for this site. Been filling in manually. Still no luck.
  2. Last year, when I signed into FGMC on my phone, the sign in page would say that the username or password is incorrect, even though my phone automatically fills in the info. I would have to reset my password every time I wanted to log on. This became very annoying, and I gave on the website. Now, a year later, I am still having this issue. I have tried filling in the information myself, instead of automatically letting the phone fill out the username and password, but no luck. I tried getting online using my laptop. No luck. Any suggestions?
  3. I found some paperwork for my first 1970 Monte. Was wondering if anyone has come across this car. It was a 70SS with lots of options. The VIN is 138570B136421
  4. I think I saw your pics of the car. Looks like your moving pretty quick on it. DM me. I'd like to know more about it, I can tell you where I'm at, timeline wise.
  5. I looked at Hemmings. I saw a red SS up for auction. Didnt see a gold SS. I looked at the gold one for 29k down in Florida. Lots of documentation on it. Looks promising. Thought I had scoured the internet for a SS Monte. Didnt find anything. Thought it'd take a little longer to come up with results. It'll be about six weeks before I have cash in hand.
  6. The one on Hemmings, is that the red with red sidewall tires? Didnt see a price. Still showing auction. Not many details other than it has a 454 and it has the SS badging.
  7. Yeah, I'm familiar with Leo. He did some work on my last SS. Didnt realize he was still active on this forum.
  8. I'm looking for a 1970-71 SS Monte Carlo. Preferably already restored. Not looking for anymore projects. I live in Indianapolis area, but I'm willing to have it shipped.
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