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  1. Costs of court will be way more than what you can recoup. I believe the lawyer will be sympathetic, but will recommend you walk on. This is why earnest money is used, and why one should strike while the iron is hot. I take cash down payment to look at cars in case I want it.
  2. Original owner is an advertising claim. It is supposed to imply a car not mistreated or changed. All original, to me, implies everything but wear parts. Survivor means the same thing. Time capsule or museum piece means non-functional, parked and not moved for 30 years. Mine has been wrecked. It was repaired with NOS parts in the 80s. My grandfather's name is on the dealer paperwork, and it's mine, so I can say that my name is there. I don't drive it nearly as much as I should. All these terms have a relative meaning. You can tell provenance when you look at a car. It's the factory overspray and the little fasteners, etc. There's something about an original car surviving that speaks a peace with the ravages of time.
  3. I think they're similar to Oldsmobiles in terms of the image.
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