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  1. MGySgt69


    Semper Fi, I was lucky to get it.
  2. MGySgt69


    Have not been to museum yet, I just over being sick also. Sat the 18th. I will send text
  3. MGySgt69


    Hello Dennis, Thank you, I have found this club and information very great. I saw that you winter in Punta Gorda Fl. Dotti and I are in Punta Gorda visiting grandkids since before Christmas. Small world. We will be going back to Memphis Tn on the 26th. My number is 901 489-8812 if you would like to get together and talk about Monte ss If I dont answer right away leave message and I will call you back. Thank you Joe
  4. Greating all, I will be performing a frame off restore. Does anyone know if they still used Lead for sealing the roof seams
  5. MGySgt69


    Everyone, Thank you for your warm welcome, I did not expect. I look forward to attending gatherings and shows, plus meeting fellow members.
  6. MGySgt69


    Thank you, I have been reading a lot of info on this club which has pointed out how to verify and locate needed information. Deems the previous owner located the build sheet which confirmed this is a true SS 454.
  7. MGySgt69


    Greetings all, I grew up with being around cars because my dad owned a autobody repair and towing service shop. I graduated HS in 69 got married and joined the Marines retired in 1998 as a Master Gunnery Sgt. Aug 2019 was our 50th. Bought this 70 Monte 454 SS from my sons inlaws after father passed. I was going to help him restore, his son gave up on it. Monte is all original numbers matching only rust was at rear window lower left corner. Has been in storage since 1998. I am the 4th owner to title it, there were 2 others which were dealers. I met with 2nd owner which had a new dual exhaust system installed. I am going to start a frame off restoration this summer. I will take pictures and post as I go for all to see.
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