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  1. I realized after I sent the post to you that you did this last year. Maybe the video will help someone else with putting in a new heater core.
  2. I just removed the heater box from my 72 last fall and reinstalled it last week. I googled 1972 Monte Carlo heater core replacement and watched the you tube video done by Paris the car guy. His video was very good and the only thing missing from it was removing the brackets in the back of the box used to align the routing of some vacuum hoses which probably were not put back in place from a previous heater core replacement. I was able to get and replace the 2 actuators attached to the heater box, which would be impossible to replace unless the box was out of the car. If you need anything let me know. Let me know if the operation is complete!
  3. Welcome to the club. I like the color combination of your '72!
  4. Welcome to the club, I can't wait to see your car in person some day!!
  5. I am beyond excited to see all the members Monte's and meet everyone! Your '72 looks great. How long have you had your Monte? I will be arriving on Thursday June 25th it's going to be a great event! Car people are great, Monte people are even better.
  6. Here is a picture taken about 3 weeks ago!
  7. Hello First Generation Monte Carlo owners. I am Gary Vanatter from Royersford, Pa. and I wanted to introduce myself before I meet you all in Carlisle on June 25th. I am the original owner of my Monte Carlo that I ordered from the factory when I was 19! . My Sequoia Green Monte has been restored for 18 years now with a 350 2bbl, factory air, power windows, AM/FM 8-track, vinyl top, rally wheels, turbohydramtic transmission, light package, and the appearance guard group package. I am looking forward to the show! Gary
  8. Hello fellow club members, I am Gary Van Atter, I joined the club in March and I wanted to introduce myself before the Chevy Nationals. I look forward to meeting everyone at the show, see you June 25th in Carlisle!!

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