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  1. Welcome to the club. I like the color combination of your '72!
  2. Welcome to the club, I can't wait to see your car in person some day!!
  3. I am beyond excited to see all the members Monte's and meet everyone! Your '72 looks great. How long have you had your Monte? I will be arriving on Thursday June 25th it's going to be a great event! Car people are great, Monte people are even better.
  4. Here is a picture taken about 3 weeks ago!
  5. Hello First Generation Monte Carlo owners. I am Gary Vanatter from Royersford, Pa. and I wanted to introduce myself before I meet you all in Carlisle on June 25th. I am the original owner of my Monte Carlo that I ordered from the factory when I was 19! . My Sequoia Green Monte has been restored for 18 years now with a 350 2bbl, factory air, power windows, AM/FM 8-track, vinyl top, rally wheels, turbohydramtic transmission, light package, and the appearance guard group package. I am looking forward to the show! Gary
  6. Hello fellow club members, I am Gary Van Atter, I joined the club in March and I wanted to introduce myself before the Chevy Nationals. I look forward to meeting everyone at the show, see you June 25th in Carlisle!!

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