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  1. Thank you for the useful information. I will be posting photos when I finish some work on my Custom.
  2. Hello, I am wondering what the cylinder style tank located on the drivers side wheel well that is seen on big block Montes used for. I currently have a 1972 big block 454 but the car did not have it when I purchased the car. I see them in photos but do not know what they are called and the purpose of it. Does my car need it. Thank you for any information.
  3. Hello. I removed the inner wheel covers and attached to the frame behind the wheel well in the front is this piece. I am attaching a photo. Does anyone know what they call it and is it a part that gets reproduced? Thanks for any help!!
  4. Hello fellow club members. I have my build sheet but not complete or hard to make out some of the cars options. Is there a complete list of options listed here that would help me understand the options I have better? I added my build sheet so you can see my problem. Thank you for any help!!
  5. That makes sense now.Thank you for educating me on this!!
  6. My 1972 MC Custom came with bucket seats and center console. On the passenger side it has two seat belts. I just discovered it tucked between the seat and console. Is this typical? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give it a try!!
  8. Hello again. Being a new member and and a recent owner of a 1972 MC Custom, I am finding I have more questions. I have the original four spoke black steering wheel. It is sticky to the touch. I heard this is a common problem. Is their a way to clean and get rid of that sticky feeling? Thank you!! Jeff
  9. Hello again. I am a new member and asked about rim sizes and already got responses and I thank you for the information. Recently I recently purchased my first 1st generation model. I have a 1972 Monte Carlo “Custom”. I want to learn more about this model and wondering if information is available? Still learning my way around this site. I bought it from the original family. I have “most” of the build sheet and slowly trying to read it properly. The original family ordered the custom option package with the 454 big block. I am cleaning it up at the moment and going to have it gone through and get the leaks, unconnected wires, carb adjustment and all fluids changed and take care of and the brakes. Soon I will post photos. Any suggestions or where I can find out more about my custom model would be great. Thank again!!
  10. Thank you one an all for your responses. I will look into the database your reference. Looking for a normal ride height.
  11. Hello everyone, I just joined the club after recently purchasing my first generation 1972 Monte Carlo Custom. Doing some detail work then I’ll post some photos to the site. I want to add classic Cragar rims to the car. Would like deeper looking rims for the back which brings me to my question, what size rims with BF Goodrich tires will fit the car? Thank you for any help!!
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