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  1. I have a 1970 with big block 402, thinking about changing out the factory quadrajet to an EFI system (Holly Sniper), or is it maybe just as good to have the quadrajet rebuilt professionaly, i have rebuilt it myself a couple times over the years?
  2. i have a big block 402 engine, what should the oil pressure be at idle once the engine is warmed up to temperature? at start up before the engine is warmed up i usually have 50-60 lbs. of pressure.
  3. Will boxing in the 4-link on the rear end help in reducing bad wheelhop?
  4. I actually have replaced the bushing in the 4-link and the shocks are pretty new. Sounds like I may need to remove the 4-link and box them in as well as possibly add a sway bar.
  5. I have a 70 Monte withe a big block 402 - 4spd, how can I eliminate rear wheel hop?
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