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  1. I think I would have to buy new flexplate with that converter correct?I think mine is 10.50 and the hughes is 10.75,I think that's correct
  2. No,It started pushing as soon as we changed the cam.
  3. I have a 1972 monte carlo with 350,mild build competion 268/280 duration,477 lift cam,lifters,hooker long tubes,eldebroke aluminum intake,factory heads with new seals,springs,eldebrock avs 2 650 carb. When I stop it wants to push a little,I'm going to rebuild trans with b&m rv shift kit,I have looked at the b& m converter tork master 2400 ,I think it says stall is 2200 to 2800. I'm just crusing not drag racing but maybe take off hard once in a while or smoke the tires. Would that be a good choice of converter or is that too high,just want to get the most out of what I ha
  4. Doug

    1972 new member

    I sand and tape,little body work,wilkes collision-Danny absher did all the spraying
  5. Doug

    1972 new member

    Antique green
  6. Hello,thanks for letting me join!
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