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  1. Welcome Keith! Guess I just moved up a notch on totem pole. LOL
  2. I'm in but close enough to home will not need a room.
  3. Nice looking car! WOW! Engine is very clean too!
  4. MC 1st

    MC #1

    Mine is a 2brl Rochester. Replacement, mechanic didn't rebuild but replaced. Will check, still golfing til weather changes. Aahh, retirement!
  5. MC 1st

    MC #1

    Only pic I have, so far. Look forward to becoming full fledged dues paying board member! I'll need lots of advice and help!!
  6. MC 1st

    MC #1

    I'm in Lancaster
  7. MC 1st

    MC #1

    Thanks! Will check there next!
  8. MC 1st

    MC #1

    New to sight. Original owner of 72 MC. Been parked for 20 years. Retired now and working on small items. Can someone tell me where fuel filter is located? 350 small block
  9. Where is the fuel filter on 72 MC? I can't seem to find it on the rail.
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