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  1. Many thanks for the warm welcome! @Rob Peters I'm from Northern Germany - living with my family in the countryside between Berlin and Hamburg. @RODS70BB There are so many car enthusiasts in Germany but when you compare the US-Car community to other classic car niches on auto shows in Germany it is still familiar. But you can watch in these times more and more people are investing their money in classic cars so that the US-Car community is growing steadily...
  2. There are a few other owners but all in all the First Gen Monte is relatively rare in Germany...
  3. Hey Guys, I'am Eric (32 years old) from Germany and this is my 1972 Monte Carlo which came long way from South Carolina across the pond at the end of the last year. After a '83 G20 and a '81 Silverado it was my wish to get a big Coupé from 60s or 70s. Finaly I found this beautiful Monte. The car has just one previous owner in the U.S., is technicaly in very good (but not perfect) condition, has a freshly regenerated 350cui Small Block and drives like a new car. In the next time I want to improve it in details step by step (reconditioning chrome parts, improve paint condition, mounting wid
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