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  1. Hey guys, Aussie Monte owner here. I got my 1st Gen Monte earlier this year, I have always been fascinated by american muscle cars and the Monte just ticked all the boxes for me. Big thanks to Andy's Auto for sending me to this site (his shop tag was on the car keys when I got the car). Andy worked on the car in America and told me about the cars history, it was great to hear she was cared for and that she was once someone else's pride and joy. Let me know what you think about this girl!
  2. Hey Andy, Thanks for sending me to this site, I can't believe I didn't know about it before! Thank you for also telling me about the history of this car, it's great hearing about the car's story and where it spent its life. I will look after it here in Australia, its definitely very unique over here, don't see many first gens at all!
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