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  1. Just our little family having a camping Thanksgiving in the woods away from all the madness, as we do every year, but seems like a extra good idea this year! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  2. I agree you should rebuild it.... but if you think otherwise I would be interested also! I’m actually excited you are so close. Feel free to reach out if you want to swap stories. The photos posted make it look pretty good, and I love the plate if it’s authentic!
  3. Thanks for all the warm welcomes and nice comments. Is there anywhere that lists the amount of club members and maybe breaks it down by location? I was curious after seeing Aaron's cool post of Western meet statistics and map of where members were coming from to next year's meet.
  4. I already stole a bunch of good info from you guys and looking to steal more, and help if I can. Here is a few pics of my Desert Sand 70. I still have a bunch of small things to do before the Western meet next year but it gives me a reason to get into gear!
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