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  1. Do you have any other pics? I think I like it. Is that from the company in the post? Thanks.
  2. Thanks Rob, that is what I was hoping for since that is exactly how mine operates. I did not know or even expect there was difference between the first gen years themselves or I would have been more specific when I asked the question. Between your info and info from links supplied... "The "primary" locksets included the ignition lock/key and any other locks that used the same key(such as the door...). The "secondary" lockset contained all the remaining locks and keys (such as trunk and glovebox)." I'm happy to learn it is still as it was new. Thanks for all of your guy's input. It is really fun/interesting to learn all the little things that were different from year to year or even changed mid year(and some differences from plant to plant!) back in the day especially because in my day to day work I see the exact same models go for many many years with not as much as a plastic grille change up!(boring and sad)
  3. Ok thanks, my doors match my ignition so I will just recode the trunk to match and just have one key.
  4. Quick question on this subject. My car came to me with a separate round trunk key with a different code then the doors, is this the way it would have came from the factory or were all the cylinders coded the same? Thanks.
  5. A surprisingly warm December Morning here at 56*F in the foothills of the Cascades. Temps in the 30's just a few miles west. That being said what else to do but take the cover off and go for a tiny drive. Of course I had to make it a photo op...
  6. Just our little family having a camping Thanksgiving in the woods away from all the madness, as we do every year, but seems like a extra good idea this year! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  7. I agree you should rebuild it.... but if you think otherwise I would be interested also! I’m actually excited you are so close. Feel free to reach out if you want to swap stories. The photos posted make it look pretty good, and I love the plate if it’s authentic!
  8. Thanks for all the warm welcomes and nice comments. Is there anywhere that lists the amount of club members and maybe breaks it down by location? I was curious after seeing Aaron's cool post of Western meet statistics and map of where members were coming from to next year's meet.
  9. I already stole a bunch of good info from you guys and looking to steal more, and help if I can. Here is a few pics of my Desert Sand 70. I still have a bunch of small things to do before the Western meet next year but it gives me a reason to get into gear!
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