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  1. Ron

    Another Wa State

    Ok here is the long story, It starts in 1978 when I was 16 and tired of driving Mom’s Station Wagon...after saving enough money to by my first car, a 1968 Nova I had my freedom. 8 months, 1 red light, 2 cars, a telephone pole, Later and I was again driving the Wagon with the fake wood stickers on the sides. Not cool... So, back to work, and parting out what was left of the Nova and a few months later I had enough to by a cheap beater and insurance and had been looking at what I could afford then I saw my first ss454 Monte in the want ads, I called and talked to the owner and made a
  2. Ron

    Another Wa State

    Plate is real, we should talk sometime
  3. Ron

    Another Wa State

    That is exactly why I still have it... they are irreplacable, especialy one with history and which took me through my school days... if I do sell I know will always regret it... but not sure I will ever get to it???
  4. Ron

    Another Wa State

    Yeah that washer fluid fibre is something for that time, Air ride is there as are all correct dates etc... she is just partially disassembled but all is right. It has tilt steering, air, power locks, and manual windows, tach etc.,buckets and console, map light on mirror, standard hubcaps (but added Rally's) am 8 track stereo (cassete deck in now but still have orig) bumper guards, 256 gears, I have had this so long there is no question about it's authenticity even have the build sheet. Back in the day I was told they did not exist my buddies had never even heard of one until
  5. Hi, Ron here, I am in Wa. Just south of Seattle. I have had my Monte (ss454) since 1978 when I was a Jr. In high school. We have been through a lot together and now she is in need of restoration and has been parked (garaged) for almost 30 yrs. It is complete with about 115000 miles, but needs bodywork and interior which I hope to complete some day. However lately inhage been thinking of putting her up for sale just not sure what to value her for or if that is what i really want to do??? Just thougt I would throw this out there and see what the interest is
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