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  1. @jft69z This is awesome. I had no idea this stuff exists! Thanks Joe!
  2. See attached picture. Does anyone know a source for new or NOS parts? These go along the left engine bank (cylinders 1-3-5-7). I could sand blast these but the soft material that they dip these in to grip the wires will be gone. It's worn down as it is. Looking for new.
  3. Here's an update after I got the wires installed. I would have to say that this set from Lectric Limited fits as good or better than any I've seen before. I'd recommend the set. I also purchased new valve cover wire looms/holders. I'm looking for two special looms for the left bank that I'll create a different post about. @jft69z
  4. ... at the Delaware Classic Car Show in Delaware, Ohio today. It's @Windjamer14! We chatted for a while and I checked out his beautiful 71 SS454. Great guy, great car! His car won a well-deserved award! The show was fantastic. 460+ cars registered with many, many more in attendance. The weather couldn't have been better!
  5. Sorry @Brew, didn't mean to wire shame you.
  6. @jft69z I haven't installed them yet! I'll update here when I do.
  7. I purchased a set of reproduction spark plug wires for my 72 Monte Carlo (small block). Since the wires are different lengths, especially two oddballs that I wasn't sure about, I wanted to be sure I got the routing and position correct. It's not as cut and dry as it appears. It's deceiving because, of the eight wires, six of them are matched pairs. This would make you think that they go to opposing cylinders on opposite banks. Nope, that isn't true. And what are the two oddballs for? A while back, @jft69z posted an image of the routing and the factory part numbers for each wire. This is immensely helpful. That post can be found here: https://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22499-spark-plug-wire-looms-holders/&tab=comments#comment-215443 In the wire set that I purchased (from https://www.lectriclimited.com/) was a sheet that specified the length and position of each wire. I thought this might be helpful as well if someone was making their own wires or wanted to use it in addition to what Joe T. posted. Attached is an image of that page and a picture of the wire set. Use it combined with what Joe T. posted and you can't go wrong. I hope this helps anyone who is going to replace or make their own spark plug wires.
  8. @jft69z This looks great, Joe. Thanks for all the info. I think I'm going to do what you did - have someone chrome the grille and then do the detail work myself. I'll call Chris for sure. Thanks, man!
  9. Thanks @Dtret - thanks for the info, I'll check it out. I found the website and the 71 grille. I'll reach out about a 72. @jft69z - you did yours yourself???
  10. One quote of $2000 to $2500 so far. You're a brave man, I do a lot of stuff myself but I don't think this will be one of them!
  11. Thanks @Michael Boyte. Paul's is one of the companies I've contacted already, waiting for a response. I'll reach out to Tom today. Thank you!
  12. I want to get my grill re-chromed/refinished. As you know, the grilles on the 72 have black insets and black trim, which complicates the chroming process. I've reached out to a few chrome platers but haven't gotten any response. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for companies that are capable of doing this job? Thanks!
  13. Update: I just finished installing new carpet in my 72 Custom. I went with OC Auto Carpets and I'm happy with the quality. I got the carpet with the "mass backing" and I also installed new matching floor mats. Thanks for the tips, especially regarding placing the carpet in the sun to soften things up. That worked very nice. I used a hollow hole punch to cut the holes for the seat mounting points and seat belts. The biggest tip I could give is one that a couple of you already pointed out... take your time because there is trimming and hole cutting to do. Measure twice, cut once, right? I took my time and it turned out great. I have about 6 hours total in the project. Pictures attached! @420ponies @Canuck @Dtret @jft69z @sbarnette @Leghome @MCfan @Cooltech
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