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  1. Just looked at pix from the 2019 event. Looks like you folks know how to throw down when it comes to partying and enjoying your cars. Enjoy your girl and the envious looks you’ll undoubtedly be getting in her.
  2. Welcome, Greg! Great looking ride. And, yes... open up that exhaust so she can breathe (not to mention you’ll love the rumble). I imagine you get a ton of looks driving a “gas guzzling” American classic where you’re at... ENJOY IT!
  3. Rob, I need clarification on classing, please ... Would intake and carburetor be one modification or two? Same question for aftermarket radiator and electric fans. Does each individual part count as one? Or does the former fall under “fuel delivery/induction” and the ladder under “cooling”? I’ll be checking time off availability at work on those days, hope to be joining you folks for my maiden meet. Thanks!
  4. If anybody here is seriously interested in this girl, the seller isn’t located too far from me (judging by the location posted in the ad). I’d be happy to act as a liaison, picture taker, etc. in the event it might help out in any way.
  5. Glen

    Who’s interested

    Good luck, dude. Keep us posted. Tell him you expect a considerable reduction in price since “nobody’s obviously wanted it for over a year now”, ha! The first (really lowball) offer I threw the guy I bought mine from responded with: “I’m not indigent, I don’t NEED to sell the car”. We both had a good chuckle at that one. Can’t catch a fish if you don’t drop the hook in the water, right? Again, good luck!
  6. Glen

    Who’s interested

    Lolololo....1 year later... ddduuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh.....
  7. Glen

    Who’s interested

    Jesus, I need sleep. I didn’t even see that it was 2020, I just saw February 04 and looked no further, thinking it was a couple of days ago.
  8. Glen

    Who’s interested

    What a great find. What’s the odometer showing? Im sure there’ll be no problems getting her a new home, and hopefully to someone who’ll be able to give her a proper restoration. Just curious... any idea yet what you might be asking? I got a buddy who always liked them and fell in love after he saw mine.
  9. Beautiful work, wish I had 10% of your skills and know-how (not to mention tools and equipment) to do that kind of work. Can’t wait to see the final product.
  10. Good look and keep us all posted Jefro.
  11. She IS a Van Nuys baby. I will start my hunt at the oil filter come spring when hibernation is over. Oil change will be one of the first things to do anyway, so I’ll bring more than a filter wrench when I roll under there. I’ll update accordingly. Thanks Dan.
  12. No problem Carlos. Keep us posted if you pick up any kind of promising leads. You never know when something may come outta left field.
  13. Unless the original has been the recipient of some egregious contact with a fixed object (i.e. ramping it on a parking pillar, God forbid!) that can’t be massaged out, OE is the way to go. My first car in high school was a hand me down 67 Camaro that I just HAD to put chrome valve covers on. They leaked each time, every time after four gasket changes. Bone dry with the original stock Chevrolets, but I was too cool for Chevy orange, lol. I’ll bet that particular leak clears up upon putting the original pan back on. Keep us posted.
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