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  1. My 70 SS has an aftermarket intake and carb, but I have the original one ready to go if I ever decide to put her back to stock. It’s a Carter (built for Rochester) but it is the same part number. Protect-O-Plate reflects a ‘C’ denoting it as correct original equipment on my January 1970 Van Nuys built car. And yes, it’s the right carb for our cars.
  2. Although I somehow missed this thread when it was timely, my deepest condolences to his family and those who knew him.
  3. Not an SS, nor does the buyer try to pass it off as such. Looks to be in reasonably good shape and I’m sure it runs well. Hard to tell if it has a TH350 backing up that big block instead of the preferred TH400. I’m going to speculate that it does as it has a 10 bolt rear. Anyway, if it commands the asking price, it should bode well for all First Gen owners. https://barnfinds.com/454-equipped-1971-chevrolet-monte-carlo/
  4. Glen


    Too bad she didn’t make it to see her 100 year special autobiography. RIP
  5. Happy New Year to all. Worked days, grilled some marinated chicken breasts and a flank steak to make fajitas for dinner and finishing a bourbon before bed. First sizable snowfall of 6-8” expected to arrive tomorrow. Yuck. Stay safe all.
  6. He got back to me with some pictures… The block appears to be authentic, although I couldn’t compare the numbers on it to the vin tag he provided as that was a crappy picture. The air ride hardware appears present, minus the compressor. I did not have the time to decode the numbers on other parts he provided. He did not respond to my questions about having the build sheet or POP. He also sent a separate email that read “I am having needed work done next week so no.use contacting me until next Friday” Here’s the pictures he sent:
  7. Seller lists the color as “silver”, but it sure looks like something much more desirable. Can you say “Shadow Gray”? Yeah, I’m prejudiced … get over it. 🤣😂 I also just emailed him asking for more information… I’ll trade notes with you here Rob… if/when he gets back to me.
  8. Glen

    Slow progress

    I gotta hand it to you guys that have the skills to pull s@&t like this off. Not only do I NOT have skills, I’m extremely impatient. Waiting months for parts to try and get a car put back together would drive me bananas. Keep up the good work… I’ll enjoy living vicariously thru you really mechanically inclined guys.
  9. Pull up Legendary Auto Interiors online. Their catalog has very good examples of which grain is which. Will make it alot easier to figure out what you need when you can compare it directly to what’s in the car. And don’t half a%# it… so all seat surfaces so they match nicely.
  10. What he ⬆️ said. Can you imagine if that car was born a Custom? I shudder at the very thought.
  11. I had that ugly feeling in my gut when I read the title to Paul’s post. Glad it was much ado about nuffin.
  12. Couldn’t believe it scraped off with my thumbnail and a damp cloth, it looked exactly like a huge stone chip. Such a nice feeling! …until you discover residual bird s&@t under your thumbnail All nonsense aside, she looks like she’s cleaning up nicely
  13. Very cool, Crom. Before you know it, the car will be roadworthy and you’ll be able to take the family out for a leisurely drive for ice cream, car shows and the like. No doubt you’re going to get looks and thumbs up every time you drive her. Keep the updates and pictures coming.
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