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  1. Very cool! I pulled my back seat in the hopes of finding another build sheet (I believe the one I have is off the gas tank) with no luck. Hoping to strike pay dirt when I redo the interior over the winter or early next spring.
  2. Personally, I think it looks gaudy with two bulbs. But different strokes for different folks.
  3. To me it’d be worth the money to have an upholsterer dissemble and reassemble the seat to get that build sheet out in the best shape as possible. Send some pix once it’s freed from its spring prison.
  4. Beautiful!! If I could pull it off I’d be making an offer tonight.
  5. My 70 has them, but didn’t notice as they’ve been painted Shadow Grey to match the car somewhere along the way. I would’ve never known about these had I not read this thread.
  6. Welcome back. Glad to see that your coffee wasn’t spilled in the wreck. I don’t know about you, but I can be an angry [censored] without my Java.
  7. “It leaned inboard bad so I pouned on it with a sledge hammer and got it looking somewhat better.” This ⬆️ Is how I fix 90% of things that break in my house or on my vehicles. Always seems like a good idea at the time.
  8. Tail pipe. Rear end. Colonoscopy prep. That combines for a hat trick of mental images I care not to share. Stay close to the crapper, dude. Otherwise you run the risk of parts of your house resembling the speckled-painted trunk of your ‘71.
  9. Rob, I can sorta feel your pain. Years ago a friend bought an old farmhouse here in the city. Same thing… About 100 years old at the time, lathe and plaster and the insulation consisted of ancient shredded newspapers. We ripped it down to the framing after he found out the place was nothing more than a huge termite infestation. Not one square wall, not a single level floor etc. Im far from a handyman or tradesman... I was just the helper monkey for demo and humping the material out to the dumpsters. The Monte will be waiting for ya when the important [censored] is done... fami
  10. You coulda killed two birds with one stone and used the Monte to haul the debris away. That’s what I would’ve done. Not. 🤣
  11. Welcome to the club, Kade! Great backstory to a great car. It’s nice to see cars that last long enough to be handed down through generations.
  12. Forgot to add pix of the fronts. I don’t have any pictures with the front tires off, but when I do the brakes I will take some pictures so you get a better idea of how they fit.
  13. The prior owner of my SS had his mechanic install QA1 coil overs at all four corners. I have the receipt which also lists two hours labor to dial it in “correctly”. She sits real pretty with no rubbing issues (on stock 15” rally wheels). These coil overs are their more expensive model as they allow multiple adjustments for compression AND rebound (21 increments each control rings a bell). I plan on playing with these settings when I start my vacation, but I don’t plan on adjusting the height at all; my only complaint is that she seems to ride just a tad too stiff. I’ll see what happy med
  14. Damn. Horrible news. I can’t imagine losing both parents over such a short period of time. May God grant his family strength in this difficult time.
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