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  1. It’s absolutely awesome to see kids that age get involved with wholesome activities. Sounds like it was a blast and rousing success all the way around.
  2. Big Bird would approve of this yellow big block. All kidding aside, congrats on your acquisitions and good luck with the restorations. Keep the pix coming.
  3. The girls look great, Rob! I’ll bet your granddaughters are school celebrities based on their cool Grandpa.
  4. Thanks, gents. I consider myself lucky to have found this girl when I did.. I wasn’t planning on looking for my retirement gift to myself for a few more years, but something made me once again Google “70-71 Monte Carlo SS” last fall. I wouldn’t call it an impulse buy as I knew not to fall in love with pictures on the internet and I’m reasonably well-versed with numbers, options etcetera, but I quickly got “that feeling” that this car had to be mine. While far from perfect, she came with the mechanical heavy lifting already done by previous owners who recognized and appreciated the rarity
  5. Not sure if mama and I are gonna make the Bristol meet this year (fingers crossed for next year), but definitely looking to get to some local cruise nights this summer. Keep me in mind and I’ll do the same with anything I hear.
  6. Hugh, Welcome and keep the pix coming regularly. There’s a ton of knowledge here (myself excluded, lol) to mine while you bring that baby back to life.
  7. Yeah... OPGI’s shipping policy/costs drives me bananas. I made the mistake of forgetting to include the rubber bumpers/stop kit (neither door had them, there was only one behind the license plate frame, and the four under the hood were pretty much shot/dry rotted) on an order of other items that shipped for free. That $15 kit cost me $30 with shipping. Totally bogus, but they know they got ya.
  8. Finally got the time to free the Monte from the bubble. She leaked about 3/4 of a pint of tranny fluid over the winter, so those O-Rings will be getting replaced sometime in the very near future. Stayed close to home for the maiden voyage, so no exciting backdrops (unless a Chicago alley is your thing). And wouldn’t you know it, the local weathermen are calling for up to 3” of snow on Tuesday. Bastards. More pix forthcoming when I get her out regularly after this week of crap weather. Gotta change the oil, so the numbers hunt will also take place at that time.
  9. Well Happy Bday to the half centurion!
  10. Looks great! What are you planning for the floor? I can’t remember ever seeing concrete poured AFTER a structure was erected. Keep the pics coming.
  11. Glen

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, everyone!
  12. Would you wear size 12 shoes on your size 10 feet? Just curious.
  13. Pics or it didn’t happen. All kidding aside, welcome to the club. Pics at your earliest convenience, please.
  14. I hope this is coffee and not a leaky Depends...
  15. Chevy DID contract a private vendor to make / convert 500 Montes into drop tops. Your new best friend has one of them. And I have the other 499. In a heated warehouse. All are survivors in mint condition. All have every option available. Yeah, that’s the ticket...
  16. Is it wrong that I knew exactly what Johnny meant the first time I read his post?
  17. Not Irish, but married a hybrid Lugan/Irish lass who prepared a traditional corned beef dinner for the family tonight (absolutely delicious, by the way). I’m currently hoisting a two finger pour of Jameson to the FGMCC Family! Enjoy!
  18. Do you guys have any idea how long it took me to add those numbers using my fingers and toes??? Funny you mention that... that was one of my concerns which I expressed to the dude that I paid to fly out and inspect my car. His response? “Monte SS’s have only recently become more and more noticed and hitting the radar as highly desirable as prices on higher end Chevelles and Camaros are outta control. I am highly confident that Monte Carlo SS’s aren’t being cloned and offered for sale... yet”. I will say that looking at ads of cars that are advertised as an SS can be quite
  19. Very nice!! Reminds me of the red ‘70 my dad would occasionally work on for an older woman friend of the family when I was in high school. She’d drop off the Monte on a Friday afternoon for dad to work on over the weekend. I’d sneak that car out and drive it like I stole it with one or two of my high school friends coming along for the ride. I’ll never forget m how long that car would lay rubber for when mashing the skinny pedal into the carpet... I’d make sure I got that car back home and parked by at least 8 PM as dad got home from work about 10:30. He once came home earlier than ex
  20. I’ve always dreamed of having 2 at the same time, but Mama said it’ll never happen. She’s cool with me having more than one car, though. 🤣 Anywho... congrats!! Can’t wait to see pix... and lots of them.
  21. Maybe it’s the lighting / shadow / heavy paint on the tag. Or perhaps it’s my old eyes. Either way, I can’t wait to hear what exactly “BF” or “8F” represents. And for the record, I concur that it’s a “B”, not an “8”.
  22. Here’s what’s f&&king me up even more now ... Ghackett’s ‘BF’ is definitely a ‘B’ - as evidenced by the straight edge, while yours clearly resembles a number ‘8’. Observe...
  23. “Chevrolet By the Numbers” lists “BF” on the trim tag as the Fremont, California assembly plant code... but for 1970. Do you have a build sheet? If you do, where does it show your girl being assembled? She was built the first week of February 1971, so maybe the information as listed in the book is inaccurate and some (at least EARLY) 71’s were still assembled in Fremont. Just a semi-logical assumption on my behalf, coupled with what I found in the book. I hope this helps...
  24. Very cool! While neither were Montes, these pix reminded me of when my bud and I took similar pix of our first new cars. His: ‘92 Grand Am GT. Mine: ‘92 Lumina Z34 with the 5 speed manual. Both black. We were so proud to finally have good jobs and a bit of “disposable income” (only because we both still lived with our parents, lol). Now I gotta see if I can find those pix, there somewhere in this house.
  25. Welcome! Can’t wait to see how that beautiful gal turns out. Every time I see an SS, I can’t help but wonder how many of the 5,742 of them are still around.
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