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  1. Allow me to echo all of your sentiments! Enjoy the day with family and friends and may God bless each and everyone of you. Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Too funny. What’s also funny is that my computer illiterate [censored] just did the same (only with an old school cutting board and tape) with a work-related document. But once scanned and copied it looked almost professional. There’s some new tricks that this old dog doesn’t need to learn.
  3. Very nice Monte! Gotta love the cars that appear to have spent most or all of their lives out west.
  4. I find it interesting/suspect that the black couple are featured in the colored photo while the white couple occupy the black and white photo.
  5. The condition in which you’ve kept her (and her SS stablemate) speaks volumes as to the pride you take in your cars. Well done on preserving two classics.
  6. This will be the second winter I’m using it, and I have had no issues with it yet. It definitely does what it is advertised to do, keeps the car dry. There was also no indication that rodents had been anywhere near the car all winter… no droppings in the capsule and certainly no signs that anything had gotten into the car over the winter. Once the car comes out of it in the spring time, I roll it/fold it up like a tarp. I am able to roll it tight enough to where it is roughly 3 feet long by 1 foot high by 1 foot wide, and I store it in a patio/deck box for the summer. It’s just a little bit bigger and heavier then your average car cover. Once it’s inflated, it is not brittle at all. The first picture I posted earlier is it unfolded on my patio table to sit out in the sun to warm up as it had spent the last several months folded in the deck box and was cold. I wanted it a little more pliable before I had to manipulate it to pull it over the car and inflate it.
  7. Better late than never… excellent story, I absolutely love it.
  8. Scott, actually, more than the last six digits of the Vin number are stamped on the transmission, only on mine you can barely see it (the “7 0 L” that precedes 166103 is only partially - and BARELY visible). Regardless, it’s visible enough to verify it is the original transmission. File that stamping under a Monday or a Friday job 🤣
  9. Hey Scott, The trans will be stamped with the last six numbers of the VIN. You’ll (hopefully) find these on the driver side of the transmission Also, if the tag is still attached to the tranny, it will have numbers to corroborate the assembly date (Julian date) and it should mirror/match the Protect-O-Plate (if you have it). Below, see pictures of the last six digits of my VIN stamped on my transmission as well as the build tag which matches the Protect-O-Plate.
  10. Yeah, if I had a heated & insulated garage or shop I would not have gone with the capsule. A must have, non-negotiable option on the retirement home will be an insulated, climate controlled garage (4 bay minimum), preferably with a drain right out to the sewer so that I can wash cars inside year round. Perhaps a man cave/home theater/bar in addition to parking and work space. It’s just a few short years away….
  11. It unzips on three sides (two zippers that run from the back, along the sides and then meet in the front) and opens like a clam shell. You unzip it, roll the top back, park your car on top of the base mat, and then pull the “shell” over the car and zip it closed. Just like a sleeping bag, only this opens on 3 sides. There’s a fan on the back that has it inflated in a matter of minutes. The black vinyl base is impervious to fluids that might leak, but I still threw an absorbent “piss pad” under the tranny. If you unzip it after it’s inflated and poke your hand or head inside, it feels exactly how a jumping jack feels when you put your head inside to climb inside. Positive airflow throughout… which is exactly what’s needed to keep moisture from forming. Money well spent ($500) to protect the baby.
  12. Cozy, yes… but more importantly, dry. It’d be blasphemy to not store her properly thru the continually fluctuating humidity of a Chicago winter and early spring. Everything metal that’s in contact with my garage floor has inches of cancer from the bottom up. No bueno.
  13. Gave her one last blast, topped off the tank, added the Seafoam, wiped her down, connected the trickle charger, put the blanket on her and zipped up the bubble until spring. Winter sucks.
  14. The “BR” also appears in Box #46 “RADIATOR” on the build sheet for my ‘70 SS. Not sure what the “57” represents, though. I thought that maybe the “IA” and “XP” on the tag you found might’ve been the radiator hoses, but they don’t match the letters on my build sheet.
  15. Damn! That blows. As one of two American manufacturers of car tires (Goodyear being the other) it’s a shame when quality control diminishes.
  16. Ahhhh!!! Your baby's birth certificate has been located. Very cool for a variety of reasons. I’m hoping to find a second one when my interior gets ripped out. And welcome. Tom! Great looking ‘71, love the color.
  17. The guy who rebuilt my trans said he’d be happy to do the exact same swap to my 70 SS - 3:42 Posi unit for the stock open 2:56. I’m aware of the potential… just need some persuasion. Is the swap all its cracked up to be?
  18. Run. Run like your hair’s on fire, Steve. Just kidding! Congrats! If you know you’ve got a good one who puts up with all your s$&t, then you need to keep her on the payroll. Mine has put up with me since we started dating in ‘93. Why? No clue. But I do know that I wouldn’t be half the man I am without her. She has my back 100% of the time and didn’t bat an eye when I decided to buy myself the ‘70 SS as an early retirement gift. Or when I bought my ZR-1. Or when I, on a whim, came home with a new ‘04 GTO just weeks after our daughter was born (“nice car, good call on the 6-speed… have fun getting the baby seat in there” was the only thing she said). Kinda makes me feel bad when I tell her “if I would’ve killed you when I met you, I would’ve been out of jail by now“. When ya know, ya know. Congrats again.
  19. Glen

    New 70 Owner

    Welcome, Rob! Looks like you have a very solid start on which to build. Like Paul said, there’s a lot of knowledge here for the picking. Not to mention a thread or 2 dedicated to buying and selling cars and parts. Keep us updated and the pix coming.
  20. “Quitcher cryin’ and walk it off, Sally!” - Every High School Football Coach
  21. This one looks really clean, would not mind seeing pictures of the bottom of it. Has a hood ornament which is incorrect, but the rest of the car, from the few photos listed, looks pretty nice. https://barnfinds.com/58k-mile-survivor-1972-chevrolet-monte-carlo/
  22. Glen

    Club Dues

    You still cool with a third-party, post dated, out of state check, Rob?
  23. Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. Take it slow and heal completely.
  24. Very cool! With all the nonstop technology kids are inundated with on a daily basis, it’s nice to see them enjoy something older. Now introduce them to a rotary phone and traditional clock and watch the looks of confusion.
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