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  1. “With that said this guy who sold it did 0 research and had no desire to track me down to find out a better history of the car and to educate himself on what he was selling at Mecum”. I’ll take this as validation that dude is a D-Bag. Nice to see that it didn’t quite work out for him as planned.
  2. I grew up watching the old man use nothing but the garden hose for radiator flushes followed by the 50/50 distilled/AF mixture. Pops always said distilled is best as you never know exactly what kind of mineral content you’d be leaving in the system right from the hose spigot. Considering the time, all the water supply pipes likely contained a quantity of lead also as this was before copper repiping gained popularity.
  3. I’m guessing this one went across the block earlier today. More good news for First Gen owners. Estimate was 60K to 80K. The market is unreal.
  4. Glen

    New Guy Here

    Like a work of art, Joe. You’ll be melting tires before you know it.
  5. I agree with you Mike. Would have been nice if Jared was the one to take it to Mecum; I’d be willing to bet his reputation would have pushed the car past where it topped off at. That said, check out this one which sold…
  6. Glen

    New Guy Here

    You sound like an old school Chicago fireman. The slicker ones always wore the tallest boots possible. I remember being told: “kid, you’d be amazed at what fits in those things” 🤣😂 And yes, “parting gifts” from one’s place of employment upon retirement is a completely acceptable practice in my humble opinion.
  7. I’m happy to report that whoever is trying to flip Jared’s 70 SS had to watch it stall at $65K. According to Mecum’s site “The Bid Goes On”, having obviously not met the reserve 🤣😂. Yeah, I’m laughing… not because I find it funny that the car might be perceived as overpriced. Laughing cuz the p$&ck who thought he’d make a quick buck flipping a piece of someone’s blood, sweat & tears won’t be seeing it… at least not today. Yeah, yeah, yeah… “it’s business”, only I take exception to things like this. [ Rant/OVER ]
  8. You can believe this statement. This man’s already restored one super sport and in the process of restoring another. (how’s THAT for subliminal positive reinforcement?!)
  9. Go to the resources section here and check out Aaron’s thread about determining if you have a real SS. And if you can, send all of us here pictures of the car. We’ll pick our apart for ya.
  10. Very cool, Rob. I’m sure Bill thoroughly enjoyed the company.
  11. Glen

    Today’s project

    Just throw some cardboard and/or an area rug over those spots and call it a day.
  12. What did ya get her for a present? New floor mats? Trunk mat? Tires? Gotta do something for the girls big day.
  13. Looks awesome Rob. The first drive of the year is always exhilarating as well as somewhat nerve wracking. Always wondering if something’s gonna let go auger months of sitting. And yes regarding the reassessment of the girl’s value. Hagerty will be getting pix of my ‘70 as soon as the new interior is complete. She’s scheduled for surgery on 24 May 🤞
  14. Yeah… I had bourbon-infused extremities at the time 🤣😂. Mama wasn’t having my amorous attempts.
  15. Before the car gets sent out for* when I trie
  16. I wish they were correct for our Montes, Id take them as my 70 was originally equipped with them per her build sheet. Hopefully I can source them before the cat Gary’s sent out
  17. Is it too late to put one more suggestion on the boards?…
  18. And I stand corrected… I did not mention legendary originally. Thanks Dennis, I just bought another item for the interior redo 🤣😂
  19. I’m just going off of what Legendary had referenced in their catalog when I ordered mine. Perhaps things have changed since then.
  20. If you wind up buying a re-pop set, be advised that they don’t reproduce the chrome end caps. You have to reuse your existing ones.
  21. There ain’t nuthin a little “duck” tape can’t make look better
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