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  1. Well guys, I broke down and bought the set from OPGI. Very good quality, packaging was excellent. They shorted me 1/2 of the clips. After calling, they are sending me a complete set of clips when they are back in stock, so I will have 1 1/2 sets minus what I'm using. The other moldings on my car are basically new so I may consider selling off pieces. Not sure yet. You were right Paul, it was a pain. I could only get to 2 of the 3 studs from behind the inner fender, so 3M tape to hold the rear down. I'm not pulling the fender... It won't be going anywhere now!
  2. Thanks for the info! I will need mine done!
  3. I like my NK4 on my Custom. I don't believe you need an adapter. Here is the kit on OPGI. Find a discount code and you're set:
  4. jefro

    Ohio members

    Hey Guys, Brunswick here, 25 mi. SW of Cleveland.
  5. I took a look Dennis, probably need to call them to see. Thanks!
  6. Steve/Willy/Paul, I bet your right. These look to be newer. 3 squarish holes in the fender. Dynacorn makes them. Supplies OPGI, Year One... I may have to buy a complete set with clips then sell off the one's I don't need. Pushing $400 for a complete set plus clips. Thanks for the warning Paul, lol!
  7. Hey Guys! When I brought my car home I must have hit a pothole and a piece of the lower rocker trim fell off and is gone (front right fender behind the wheel). I have been on many sites that will sell you a whole 10 piece set, but haven't found one the that will sell only that one piece and 3 clips. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Hey Doug, As promised, I will update you on mine. I bought it from Allan. It is #37 on your list. YES 402 CI / TH400 YELLOW X ALLANL1 ALLAN DISANDRO 1H57U2K589365 AM / FM X CINCINNATI, OH. 37 BLACK X Jeff Roeger, Brunswick, Ohio All the typical Custom options plus: Power windows Tach/gauge package Defroster Buckets/Console Tilt/Sport Steering Wheel A/C
  9. Thanks to everyone! I look forward to becoming a member and getting to know you all. Lots to learn!
  10. Well, here it is! 72 Custom, U code 402 BB, AC, Bucket/Console, Power Windows, Defogger. Drove great on 4 hour drive home. Now what have I done, lol?!
  11. Thanks Rob! Luckily this one had a rotisserie restoration, so I better not see rust... however good points on the tires and numbers. Up early, printed out engine/trans codes and vin decoder. Money is burning a hole in my pocket, lol. Can't wait to share it with everyone.
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