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  1. We are headed there in a while - see you there!
  2. Wasn't when I posted it... Good price if it was all there.
  3. (1) Marketplace - 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS Coupe 2D | Facebook
  4. (1) Marketplace - 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo | Facebook
  5. 1970 Monte Carlo - cars & trucks - by dealer - vehicle automotive sale (craigslist.org)
  6. "72" Monte Carlo For Sale - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)
  7. Sandra Dragomir July 31 at 12:20 PM · 1070 Monte Carlo tail light extension. Good condition and has some patina. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Cash or Venmo only.....No Trades! +3 $60 · MINERVA, OH Monte Carlo 1963 Tail Light Extension Message Like Comment 0 Comments Can't paste Facebook link.
  8. Honest looking original project: 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)
  9. 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo Frame Off Restored - cars & trucks - by owner... (craigslist.org)
  10. Gottcha Rob. That would be interesting to find out. I wonder if AMD would consider making them?
  11. Well guys, I broke down and bought the set from OPGI. Very good quality, packaging was excellent. They shorted me 1/2 of the clips. After calling, they are sending me a complete set of clips when they are back in stock, so I will have 1 1/2 sets minus what I'm using. The other moldings on my car are basically new so I may consider selling off pieces. Not sure yet. You were right Paul, it was a pain. I could only get to 2 of the 3 studs from behind the inner fender, so 3M tape to hold the rear down. I'm not pulling the fender... It won't be going anywhere now!
  12. Thanks for the info! I will need mine done!
  13. I like my NK4 on my Custom. I don't believe you need an adapter. Here is the kit on OPGI. Find a discount code and you're set:
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