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  1. Nice, looks like a really nice turnout
  2. Hey Bill do you think you'll be able to make it? it's 2 weeks away, would be nice to park a few 1st Gens next to each other that day
  3. Yeah my headliner is original but in great shape
  4. I'm planning on changing my sail panels on my 70, question is how difficult is it to do? any tips or tricks that i need to know? Thanks
  5. I bought them from Bob a member FGMCC and my Ohio group on Facebook, they actually fit good
  6. Put new wheel well moldings on this morning, man what a difference they make, my originals had seen better days
  7. Looks great, keep the pictures coming
  8. Very nice congrats on the trophies
  9. Hey Andy, I'm from Cleveland also, there is a guy in Salem Ohio near Youngstown that rebuilds and sells columns ,He posts on Facebook marketplace all the time, Let me see if i can find him, I also know he sets up at Canfield swap meet all the time which is this weekend
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