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  1. Welcome, love the color, very nice Monte
  2. Gregs70

    Just joined

    Welcome to the club
  3. No burgers or dogs, but i had a buddy smoke a few pork butts and i served pulled pork sandwiches and some friends brought side dishes, no beer because it's a public park that doesn't allow adult beverages
  4. I'm having the same problem with mine 😔
  5. Rob i believe 3 are members of FGMCC besides me
  6. Had a pretty good turnout for my 1st Annual Ohio 1st Gen get together 11 First Gens and 2 newer gens
  7. Had 8 first gens today at Roar on the shore show in Mentor Ohio
  8. 3 of us at a local cruise in yesterday helping raise money for a local Labrador Retriever Rescue
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