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  1. Welcome Brew! What a transformation! Really dig the color. Welcome to the group!
  2. Beaver


    Sharp looking Monte Jerry!!! You're in Winchester? My folks are in Lynchburg...I have cousins that live in Winchester. The service station reminds me of one that was in Lynchburg. Now it's a tourism office right near the distllery. Welcome to the group!
  3. Beaver


    Welcome to the site. All the places the guys have mentioned on here are good spots to find parts. It really depends on the part and if you want reproduction or original parts. Sometimes repop can be a roll of the dice for the right fit. There is always the good old car parts swapmeets too...good luck on the build!
  4. Welcome Shadeed...Dig the Monte! There's a lot of good people here that is down to help out!
  5. May he rest in peace...
  6. HAHAAH!!! There is nothing boring with what you were doing Joe!!! I would have liked to have done any of what you and Rob did for the experience!!! One of things I get bummed about when I think back is that I had never too much interaction with aircrafts...It's funny, I don't know how many times I told people I was in the Air Force, their response is: "Oh, were you a pilot?" LOL! No one really thinks of all the other careers USAF has...totally understandable...I was on AWACS once for an exercise at Nellis AFB...that was a blast...I also got to be aboard something that shouldn't have been in South America...GOOD TIMES! The perks of having a really good security clearance!!! Now I have another Air Force Brother here!!! Thanks for your service Joe!!!
  7. That is amazing Rob!!!! We're Air Force brethren!!! Thanks for your service!!!!!! My AFSC was an Intelligence Analyst...spent 5 years working under a pineapple field in Hawaii (NO JOKE!!!). I lived on Hickam AFB. My last 3 years were here in Tucson at Davis-Monthan AFB...going down-range working counter-narcotics in Central & South America...joint task force missions in the jungles...worked out of the American Embassy in Bogota, Colombia for almost a year too. Got to do and see a lot of other things as well on special duty assignments...can't say much more than that though...
  8. Well put Joe! You all have made me feel right at home!!! Thanks...Have a great weekend!
  9. Thanks Rob & Willie...I'm an GM accessory nut...LOL! I did some research awhile back on the lamp indicators and saw they only came on the '70's, just like you said Rob...but I would really dig them on my '71! I'm bummed that I missed the pair that Willie saw on Ebay... Well, my search continues!!! Thanks again gentlemen!!!!
  10. Beaver


    Cool thread...good to see faces to the names...it would be nice to see updates...I'm on the left in the picture with some family and my Monte...the other is me..in my office at work...
  11. Beautiful Monte Rob!!! There's nothing like family time...especially when it involves cruising!!! Really dig the fender mounted turn signal indicators!!! Do you happen to know where I could find a set?
  12. That is coming out really nice!!!
  13. Thanks for the compliment and the warm welcome Dan. It was my honor to serve for our country!
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