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  1. Won the children's choice award. Great day Thanks st Jude for all you do for the family and kids.
  2. Thanks Jared for the breather sandblasted and painted with one decal on getting that factory look not there yet but working on it
  3. Cooler weather here in Tennessee a little cleaning and a short ride up to Monteagle. Stopped at high point this was a hideout for Alcopone from 1925 to1931 he would pick up moonshine going between Chicago and Miami. High inn steak house now.
  4. Not going till Thursday see yall then be safe. Don't know what to expect this being our first outing with the club does anyone exchange phone numbers?
  5. If I had known I would have cruised around with you nice pictures.
  6. Love the color of your car .my first MC was 1970 MIST GREEN with dark green top and green bucket seats that was in 1971 that is what I was looking for when I purchased my current car.i deer hunt in Lynchburg know it well.
  7. Jerry Padgett

    70 monte carlo

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